Friday, 22 January 2016

Battle of Axilium-Dacia 102AD

Due to me not feeling too well for a couple of days,we didn't play on Thursday night.
I've been put on a course of steroids for a few days,and have a "scan" booked on Tuesday,next week,so hopefully everything will be okay,and normal play will be resumed by next Thursday.
Brian is painting and basing his WW2 stuff,and is enjoying getting back to his old ways.Dave is "badgering" away at the Assaye stuff,and Paul assures me he is going to "get the paints out" and start to either finish his 7YW Austrians, or his WW2 Desert stuff-lots going on,I'm the only one with nothing to paint(at the moment!!!!)
I've been reading some back-copies of the Wargames magazines,and am quite amazed at the number of "new" rule-sets that are coming out every month(or is that day/week?)-do we need them? surely clubs and groups,and individuals can adopt and adapt the myriad of commercial rules on the market already, to suit their needs,because,as has been proved in the past,no one set will ever satisfy everybody! Abraham Lincoln's speech about "pleasing everybody" springs to mind,still,I suppose the Dinosaurs didn't progress,and look what happened to them!!
Roll on Thursday(I hope!)


  1. Another epic game. Thanks for the info on the figures. You may have to build a gloating box in the corner, so gloaters can go in and gloat in private.

    1. Have to be a bloody big box to fit me in!!!

    2. A bubbling box too... sobbers and down n outs... woe is me
      Ha ha

  2. Remember my prediction from Thursday? You will Bounce back and someone will get a right ploating is Tonight the Night???