Thursday, 21 January 2016

Lancashire Games-Super Service.

As a great fan of "clutter" on the wargames table,I ordered some Roman "casualty" figs and some Roman Generals,very late on Monday evening(about 4.30pm.) and the packs arrived today(Wednesday) at 12.30pm!! fantastic service and many thanks to Allan at Lancashire Games.
This shows the Infantry figures,as they come out of the packs-there was a fair bit of cleaning up to do,and the swords were very brittle,and a few snapped when I tried to bend them back into shape.

These are the Generals,and horses-great figures,and really pleased with them.
All in all,I'm pleased with all the figures,and now all that remains is to paint them!!


  1. Good buy. There seem to be some good inexpensive figures around. Any idea what the Crusade miniatures are like from Warrior?

    1. Hi Springinsfeld,the only Crusade figures I've seen are the range of 25mm Vikings,and they are superb!! and true 25mm.

    2. Great, thanks and only 60p each!! I really must get an order in with them.