Tuesday, 26 January 2016

"Winter Troops" and Conversions!

It's funny how the human mind works-I'll re-phrase that-It's funny how MY mind works!!
Just after Christmas,Tesco were selling bags of artificial snow,for 25p!! so I bought a bag with no purpose for it,but I knew it would come in useful(my wife says I've got a garage full of things that might come in useful!!).Well,last week I was looking through Lancashire Games catalogue,when I spotted that they do a range of WW2 "winter troops" and this started me thinking that I could paint a few of the one and a half million plastic soldiers left over from my last "solo" games project,to be winter types.Of course winter troops need,yes you've guessed it,SNOW!!
I got 36 of the plastic figures,gave them a couple of coats of white undercoat,then a final white paint job,black for guns and boots,a quick dab of flesh,and hey presto-winter troops!!

Some of the finished troops,just needing that final touch of snow on their bases..........

Hell,that's deep snow!!

Most of them are done,and looking,well,snowy!!

All 36 finished,and I still have enough "snow" left to start my own blizzard!!

See what I mean?? a slight flaw in my plan,and I hadn't noticed this until all the bases were flocked with the snow,there are green glittery bits among the white!!-however my wife tells me that snow actually has the power to refract and reflect light,and that the green glittery bits lend a certain authenticity to the process!!
After I had finished the winter troops,I got to thinking of some other figures that Lancashire Games do-Ski Troops!!now my imagination is far greater than my modelling skills,but I thought I would have a bash at making Ski Troops.........................

I selected 6 figures from my "Plastic Everest",all the same pose-the figure on the left is before conversion,it is holding some sort of tube,which I cut off with a Stanley knife(!!) trimmed the base,and the project was ready to go.

I heated some wire for the ski poles,and shoved them into the figures' hands,I then had to think what I could use for ski's-the solution,which I think is brilliant(?) was to use my wife's Diabetic Test Sticks,cut in two down the middle-perfect!!(I might add that these test sticks were used ones,in case anyone thinks that I am wasting NHS funds!!)

All six done,and ready for under-coating.

Under-coating them was a bit tricky,because I had nothing to hold the figures by! so I held them by their heads and then under-coated the heads separately-clever!!

A quick touch of black for weapons and boots,followed by a splash of flesh on the faces,and the job's a good'un!!

Two final shots of the finished articles-although primarily for my solo games,I might just "roll" them out to the rest of the "Boys" in a TEWT(tactical exercise without troops) type game,but actually use troops!(in fact a tactical exercise with troops!!)
Any comments(good or bad!) would be welcome.


  1. Replies
    1. cheers Doug,I just wish I had more skills to do better.

  2. Well John,
    Youve confirmed several things. Firstly you should stay in more, and not frequent the 'shops' Secondly whatever drugs you are taking, do work.
    But I have to admit the figures you have converted are very effective and look very good. So how about some Yeti for your next project?

    1. Hi Robbie-re.Yeti,would you model for me???

  3. Those sky troops are brilliant. A really clever and original bit of converting.

    1. HI Roy,what sky troops?
      Thanks for comment,I really am too impatient to do modelling justiceI want everything done "yesterday".