Monday, 18 January 2016

3rd Battle of Plum Tree Farm 1644.

How can I describe the game we had last night?-easy,FANTASTIC!!!
It was without doubt one of the most exciting and tense games we've had for a while-it could be because I didn't actually take an active part in it!!!

This is the scenario and troop dispositions-Brian and Paul were the Parliamentarians whilst Richard and Graham were the Royalists.Both side wrote out their battle plans and away we went.

This is the table before any movement.Paul and Brian had decided to "mask" the right of the Royalists and make a massive attack on their left,moving all of the cavalry to that flank-this was to prove an error of judgement,leaving poor old Brian with no cavalry support,and,of course,Graham took full advantage of this!!

Brian,without cavalry support,moves forward to engage the "Bluecoats" in the field,whilst in the background Graham is moving his cavalry to fill the gap,and if possible,attack Brian's infantry in the flank,if he ventures too far forward.

Meanwhile,Paul is moving sedately forward against the field held by Richard-this looks good,not too cluttered(yet!!)

A general view of the table,showing the Parliamentarian right flank getting more and more crowded,and Graham's cavalry just about to assault Brian's exposed Infantry!-The Royalist pair look quite pleased with themselves so far.

Clash,and there goes one of Brian's infantry regiments!!!-the other has formed "Square",which Graham rode up to and fired his pistols at them-good tactics,because the Musketeers couldn't fire back at him-Brian is now in big trouble!!

Paul is piling more infantry and cavalry into an already over-crowded flank,and what is worse,his magical dice throwing seem to have left him-he's losing fire-fights and melees,as if he was a mere mortal like the rest of us!!!

Brian has managed to get his troops into line,and the whole flank is ablaze with musket fire,but earlier casualties have resulted in his regiments being weak,whilst Graham's were protected by the field wall,and are gaining the upper hand.

Despite a valiant stand,Brian's infantry are a spent force,and Graham is now turning the attention of his cavalry on to Paul's line.

Paul's ragged line is going to prove no match for the Royalist cavalry,gun and infantry about to assail him-time to call it a day?

YES!!-Brian's flank is retiring to lick their wounds,and the game is over,after 16 moves taking just over 3 hours-great stuff,and well done to everyone.Dave and I,who were "observers" both enjoyed the spectacle and spirit in which the game was played-the only down side,for me,was Richard asking at the end of the game,which side he had been on,Royalist or Parliamentarian!!
Oh well!!!!!!
Roll on Thursday,probably Ancients.


  1. Great looking game....figures mainly Warrior? Always interesting to know.

    1. Hi Spriginsfeld-yes you are right almost 100% Warrior figures-you can't go wrong at the price when building up large armies-i must try and remember to say which figures we are using in future-thanks for comment