Monday, 25 January 2016

Battle of Fekov,1812 Russia.

Last night we had a large and spectacular Napoleonic game,but it all fell rather flat in the playing of it!!
Richard and I were the French,with Paul and Graham commanding the Russians.I hadn't done my usual scenario and map,so maybe that's why the game lacked direction-who knows?

Richard was in charge of the left flank,and the Guard,facing Paul-the Russian batteries were three guns big,and they played a most devastating  role in the game-we might have to look at their effectiveness!!-Richard did his best but Napoleonics is not his "forte",however he managed to hold the flank until almost the last move-well done to him.

This is my flank(French right) facing the town of Fekov-I had ordered my cavalry to avoid an early melee,but Graham instigated a charge,to which I had to counter!-I always feel that early cavalry engagements are messy affairs,and at 50:50 the chances are that you could lose the game in the first couple of moves and expose the flank-which is what happened!!

A view of the whole table,neither side wishing to take any chances,although my plan was to attack the town on move number 2-Brian ,who was sitting this game out,looks comfortable!

The cavalry battle is not going the Russian's way-time for me to launch my infantry!!

Here they come!!-although suffering casualties from the battery placed in front of the town,I managed to capture it and wipe it out-hurrah!In the background Richard has advanced his Guard to the river bank-I don't know why,but he did!!-this exposed his flank to gun fire from Paul's supporting battery and did massive damage.

This shows the tactical error! however,Richard managed to hold the flank until the last move.

My infantry are attacking Fekov town,but the Russian tactic of sitting back and letting the artillery do the work,has worked(although it made for a "dull" game) and my casualties are growing,and the ensuing melee is a one-sided affair,to say the least!!

My ill-fated attack is shown here-I am soon to be forced into square by the dragoons appearing on the left -woe is me!!-however a well aimed shot from my artillery saw the dragoons off in grand style-hurrah!!

Now here's a tactic you don't see very often-Richard is advancing his cavalry,in column,against infantry squares,with a gun battery in his rear,and another to his front(out of camera shot)-this will forever be known as "Richard's Ride of Death!!"-looks like the end,but at least we tried!!

"La Guarde" is being overwhelmed,and out-flanked-looks like the end alright-but what of my brave troops??

Well,they have been "dubbed" the "Fekov Harriers" and are fleeing for their lives-the end!!
Roll on Thursday!!
The Russians army was 100% old Mini-figs,the French army was a mix of mainly Irregular Miniatures,with a smattering of Greenwood and Ball,Hinchcliffe and a regiment of Perry plastic Guard figures.


  1. Fekov yourself!.
    Another spectacular battle, keep them coming.

  2. I have to say that the 3rd photo from the report looks brilliant. So much to see and admire (on the tabletop!).
    Fekov. How are we pronouncing that? :)

    1. Cheers Roy,glad you enjoyed the report,If you've ever been to Ireland,or watched "Mrs Brown's Boys" you'll know how to pronounce it!!!!

  3. Quite a spectacle, even if the game wasn't dynamic. What's Brian doing in the last photo?
    I'm trying to source the cheapest possible Bavarian Napoleonic cavalry at the moment...Hinchliffe are coming out tops so far at £1.72 (in their sale) but do you have any other ideas?

    1. Hi Springinsfeld,can't help you out on cavalry,but £1.72 sounds good to me!
      I think Brian's medication had just worn off at that moment-he really is a worry!!!

  4. I was fighting for breath after some disgusting emissions,vile just vile!!!!

  5. Poor Brian looks like he is crying in the first image. What are you doing to him. A ceacking looking game though, well done.

  6. Cheers Robbie,as you know Brian is a law unto himself,so he could have been doing anything!!