Friday, 29 January 2016

Battle of the River Jhat 326BC

Last night we took ourselves off to Ancient India,where a combined Indian force took on the might of the Macedonians led by Alexander the Great.

The usual format,top photo is scenario and bottom photo shows the troop layout before any moves.Paul was Alexander and I was Parmenio,commanding the left of the Macedonian army-I was facing Graham and Brian was facing Paul-bring it on!!!!

This shows our centre and right flank-because of the scenario,we lowered the morale and fighting points of the Phalanx,but kept the Companion cavalry high,hoping they would sweep the Indian cavalry aside and then descend on the Indian centre and win the game-Hurrah!!
What could possibly go wrong???

Brian sent his Elephants across the river,and Paul countered by sending the Phalanx forward to meet them-this was going to be tough!!-we had planned that one unit of Companion cavalry would "test" the Indian cavalry,whilst the other hung back awaiting the outcome of the first fight................

Paul did sterling work with his cavalry,forcing the Indians back,but Brian has a lot more in reserve,and he fed them in,forcing Paul to send another unit to help-nip and tuck!!!!

On my flank I have ordered my Peltasts forward against Graham's light  infantry,and a "ding-dong" of a fight took place!Meanwhile Graham was sending his light chariots and light cavalry against my "blocking force" of Hypaspists,and he ran rings around them!!peppering them with arrows,and forcing them to defend,instead of attacking-woe is me!!

Oh no!! Brian's elephants are winning the melees along the whole line-can Paul get his dice throwing back to "normal" and start winning against them?

YES,was the response-hurrah!! with his Elephants rampaging through his own troops,Brian is looking despondent,but he has a strong line of infantry to take on the Phalanx units,just ready to attack!!-In the foreground,my Peltasts are not doing great,and I am sending a couple of units of Hypaspists to help-things are not looking good for the Macedonians!

Brian's cavalry have chased one unit of Companions off the board,forced another back,and still has three units untouched and held in reserve-what has gone wrong? Meanwhile in the foreground the Indian infantry are winning the melees against the Phalanx-all is lost-can we ask for a draw?

With my flank in all kinds of trouble,and the centre at a stand still,it looks to be the end,but hang on a minute,Paul has started to throw good dice in the centre>>>>>>>>>

Too little,too late I think!-we had to admit defeat,and I'm sure I saw Brian having a sly "gloat" behind his clip board(I hope not-because he will suffer!)
This was such a colorful and exciting game,played in good spirit-well done lads.
Roll on Sunday,don't know what type of game yet.

The Macedonian army was all Warrior Miniatures figures,and the Indian army was made up of Mini-figs and Warrior Miniatures,the Elephants were a mix of Britains Baby elephants and Mini-figs metal elephants.


  1. Another great game and useful figure info.!

    1. Hi Sprininsfeld,thanks for reading-as per your suggestion,I am putting figure info onto the blog-It's amazing the different manufacturers we use!!

  2. Hello there,

    Enjoyed the read and nice looking game. Funny enough I'm fighting my dad tomorrow using my Macedonians against my his Indian army with all those bloody pointy arrows (I'm sure they are laser guided). I have a awful record using the Macedonians as in I always lose ha ha Alexander the Great I am certainly not!

    1. Hi Neil,good to hear from you again-yes those Indian types certainly pack a lot of bows and arrows when they go to war!!