Monday, 30 May 2016

Battle of Toedo Mountains 1097 AD

Last night saw the "Feisty Five" of Paul,Brian,Dave,Graham and I visiting sunny Spain for this very exciting and interesting "El Cid" game.

Top photo is scenario and bottom shows the table before any movement.Graham was Ali Ben Turpin,in charge of the Moorish infantry and Guard,Brian was in charge of the Moorish Cavalry,whilst Dave took command of the Spanish infantry and Paul commanded the Spanish cavalry-I sat this one out and took photo's and generally contributed nothing!!

The game started with a bang!! as Dave attacked the low hill,defended by Graham-this melee lasted 4 moves with neither side gaining and advantage,until Dave threw some amazing dice to drive the Moors off eventually-hurrah!!-In the background Brian is lining his cavalry up against Paul's(who had better fighting and morale points,but Brian's troops had javelins to throw before contact!!)

Doesn't that look nice??-not for long though....................

CRASH!!!-once again our rules prove their worth,even though Brian was fighting at -1 from his dice because he was fighting Heavier types,he had inflicted casualties with his javelins,so it came down to dice throwing,which didn't produce an immediate result for either side-great stuff-the melee swung backwards and forwards,for three moves!!

How about these two photo's for a study in concentration!!-this is in between moves,when we write our orders for each unit(using arrows etc.) to give them directions for the next move!

Dave has launched an attack in the centre,and is pushing Graham's troops back,but still Graham wouldn't send in his elite Guard units-is he mad???

Dave's Spanish have taken the hill and are surrounding the remaining Moorish infantry unit-Graham is in real trouble now-his centre is gone-where are the Guard???

Things are not going very well in the cavalry battle!-the Moors are being beaten,and driven back-oh dear!-however,what only Paul and I knew was that his Andalusian cavalry,posted on his far right flank,were "suspect" and that,on the throw of a 2 or a 5,they would leave the field of battle,once they were confronted by the Moorish cavalry-this was done,and only one unit fled!!

Brian is beaten in all sectors,Graham is being driven back on his camp-is it all over???

I think Brian's body language says it all-YES!!!! a magnificent win for "El Cid" and his Spanish army-well done to Paul and Dave-rumour has it that Graham is sending his Elite "Black Guard" to the Job Centre on Tuesday-because they are classed as Un-employed!!!!
A good game,well played,lots of banter and good humour-great wargaming.
Roll on Thursday-could be a 7YW game.

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