Friday, 22 July 2016

Battle of Unter Glau/Ober Glau 1756.

Because of a late cancellation by Paul, the "thrifty three" of Graham,Brian and I had a grand 7YW game involving Prussians against Russians and Austrians.

Top photo is scenario and bottom is the table before any movement-I opted to command the Russians and Austrians,whilst Brian was in charge of the Prussian Infantry and Graham commanded the Prussian Cavalry and Artillery-all was set for a grand game,involving grand manoeuvering,grand fire-fights and grand melees,culminating in a grand victory for the Russians-hurrah!!

Ignoring the power of their artillery batteries(and accepted tactics of the day!) the Prussian infantry and cavalry advanced down the throats of my guns,and were subjected to cannister fire,causing a few casualties,which told later on in the game.
The above shot shows Graham's cavalry attacking mine,resulting in an inconclusive melee,but also causing his cavalry to come to a halt.-this was going to be bloody!!

Brian's infantry,using their superior movement rate,advances against my infantry,who had been ordered not to move forward until the artillery had fired three shots.Brian's "impetuous" move had the effect of masking his artillery,thus giving me a grand advantage.
Graham then turned a battery to fire on the Austrians,advancing towards the villages,which was a welcome relief to my troops!!

A general view down the table,showing the action going on all over it!!-I had ordered my third line of infantry to form column,and march to outflank Brian's infantry-you can see them doing this in the middle distance-the fight for the village was just a "side-show" but it seemed to take on an over-importance to the Prussians,especially the artillery,who probably could have been better employed firing at the Russian line instead of supporting Brian's infantry in the village, but hindsight is a wonderful thing!

My out-flanking move is complete,and Brian's line is now in trouble-Graham is not pulling a "funny" face,he always looks like that!!!

The cavalry battle is now looking "messy" to say the least!-neither side has an advantage-yet!

Brian's infantry have decided to go home,leaving the Russians masters of the field!!
But what of the cavalry?-I was getting the upper hand,but slowly,however due to the infantry winning in the centre(but not in the village!!!) it was decided that the Prussians had shot their bolt,and I was declared the winner of this most grand game-well done to us all.
Holiday season is upon us,so we won't be seeing Paul for a couple of weeks,and Graham after Sunday,so Brian and I can indulge ourselves in a feast of Ancient games-hurrah!!
Roll on Sunday,probably Romans against Britons.

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