Friday, 29 July 2016

Viking Battle-tactical try-out.

Last night Dave,Brian and I tried out some fine-tuning of our rules to try and cover the tactics that the Vikings used-it's still a learning curve,but we're getting there!!

A simple scenario(for simple people?) the Saxon Fyrd holding a village against Viking Raiders,and a Viking force taking on the Saxon Huscarls placed on a hill(they always seem to be on a hill!!)

The firm Fyrd folk(try saying that after a couple of drinks!) holding the village-we gave them a much reduced fighting ability,but they were behind a fence so gave them a fighting chance(as Dave found out) against the Vikings.

The Saxon Huscarls awaiting the Viking attackers,my research has shown that the Viking archers would probably be behind the main line of Warriors,and mixed in with them,not separate.

After a couple of set-backs the Vikings did eventually "gain access to the village" and set fire to one of the huts-hurrah(and about bloody time too!!)

The Vikings have "bounced" off the Huscarls on the hill,but are doing much better against the ones on the flat(so that's why they are always on a hill!!)

Dave has taken the village,so game over!-we discussed various aspects of the Viking way of fighting and decided that more games are required before we get the hang of it-and that's what wargaming is all about,I think.
We also discussed WW2 rules,both commercial and "house" and we decided to give a combination of both a "go" on Sunday.
On Monday I ordered 20 Viking Figures,to "crew" my plastic ship,from Warrior Miniatures,they arrived on Tuesday,and I had them painted and based by Thursday................

I now have nothing left to paint-how on earth am I going to fill my time in???-no doubt I'll think of something!


  1. Not sure which is more impressive...the game, the speed of Warrior's mail order service, or the fact you have run out of figures to paint! Ever thought about painting for money?

    1. Hi Springinsfeld-If I painted for money I would be taken to court under the Trades Description Act!!
      Glad you liked the game,and yes Warrior's service is superb-but what to do now?