Friday, 15 July 2016

Birthday,Accident and Viking Battle.

It was my Birthday last week,and my "One-in-a-million" wife thought she wouldn't buy me the "usual" things like socks,wine etc. instead she got me-5 Gripping Beast Viking Command Groups,AND a Revell Viking Ship kit,AND Viking Oarsmen to go with it,AND aViking Settlement!!-worth her weight in Gold!!!

Cracking Stuff!!!
But what of the Accident?-well,on Wednesday I fell(actually tripped) and hurt my knee,hip,ribs and shoulder,and broke my toe.............................

Citadel will probably bring out a new colour called "broken toe purple" now!!!!
On with the "blog"...............................

This is the scenario for the first battle involving my newly painted Viking army.

This is the table before any movement,Graham was in charge of the Vikings on the left(attacking Jarrow) and I commanded them on the right attacking the hill.Paul commanded the Huscarls on the hill,whilst Brian defended Jarrow with the Saxon Fyrd-all was set for an exciting and colourful game!

Paul's Huscarls await the Viking assault-or did he?-No he didn't,he attacked the "Horde" as they were forming up-the swine!!!

The Vikings are heading towards Jarrow,defended by the Fyrd,and a hidden Viking Mercenary band(which Brian forgot about until move 5!!-the language was terrible!!!)

As was expected,the Vikings cut through the Fyrd like the proverbial knife through butter!-however the Huscarls stopped the Viking charge in it's tracks,and a great tussle ensued on my flank!!

Hell's Teeth!!-the Saxons won most of the first round melees,then the Vikings started to take command,then the Saxons gained supremacy,then the Vikings-I was worn out!!-eventually the Saxon Huscarls won the flank,and drove the Vikings back to their ships!!

With Jarrow about to go up in flames,but my flank lost,we decided to call the game an honorable draw!!
With my research into Weapons,tactics etc,we will "evolve" our rules to cover this very entertaining period-with the Vikings taking on the Moors,and Spanish,as well as Saxons,Normans and other Vikings,there will be scope for some great battles in the future.
All of the figures used in tonight's game are from Warrior Miniatures,although the Gripping Beast Command Groups will be on the table for the next game.
Roll on Sunday,probably a 7YW battle,but who knows????


  1. Happy Birthday John,
    I suppose what really happened was you fell off your wallet as it must be stuffed full of white five pound notes.

    1. Robbie,abuse,abuse,abuse,that's all I get,what happened to sympathy????

  2. Ooh nasty.... I ran over my toe with the hoover once and it went a similar colour. Cracking presents there...hope you had a good birthday. (Game as always looks brill.)

    1. Cheers Springinsfeld,Turns out that toe isn't broken,just badly bruised!!the rest of me will heal in time.
      Viking command groups almost finished,then I will start on the Ship.