Monday, 25 July 2016

Viking Ship and Settlement-update.

For my Birthday,two weeks ago, I got some Viking Command Groups,a Viking ship and a Viking Settlement-they are all now finished!

I decided,before I started to build this kit,that I would be using it as a Wargames model,so left out parts like the rigging,anchor,cleats,oars and awning,so that I could put figures on board the model.The most difficult part of the construction was putting the "decals" onto the shields and attaching the shields to the side of the ship.

The prow and the stern Dragon's head and tail had to be painted-the detail is very good-apparently these were removable,and when the Viking raiding parties were approaching their homeland,they took them off so that they didn't frighten the existing "land gods".

I stuck the ship onto some hardboard with a mixture of Super glue,No Nails and PVA!!-that should fix it!!!!

The base has been painted blue with white "foam" at the prow,and photographed in front of the Viking Settlement......................................

The settlement under construction and the tools of the trade needed-this took me back to my school days,using scissors to cut and score!!!-the buildings went together very easily,and even I could follow the simple instructions!!-I stuck the "base board" onto hardboard to give the whole thing rigidity.

Each building has a specific place on the base board,although I found that they will be inter-changeable for wargaming purposes.Also for wargaming,I decided not to construct all of the buildings(some are quite small!) so that I can put figures on the base,as defenders or attackers!!!

The completed project-I made ten buildings and stuck them onto Hardboard to give them a bit of weight and rigidity-the overall effect is,I think, quite good,and will be used as a Saxon/Viking/Norman village in the next few weeks.
I have been very busy over the past two weeks,and have enjoyed painting the Gripping Beast Viking Command groups(despite their size!!)

The five groups,looking suitably aggressive!!!

Hagar the Horrible!!!-lovely figures.

We did have a game last night and I took 13 photographs,however they were all blurred due to,which I found out this morning, a smear of grease(or something!!!) on the lense,so the only record I have of the game is the scenario and map,which I took this morning....................

Graham and Brian were the Roman commanders,and suffice to say that the Britons attacked in over-whelming numbers and "knacked" the Romans-hurrah!!
Charlie Wesencraft and his group are putting on a Viking demonstration game on Saturday the 30th of July, at the Low Light Museum in North Shields,so Brian and I will be going along to see what it's like,I'm sure that anyone going along will be made welcome,and there's a cafe attached serving drinks and meals-so that's Saturday sewn up!!!
Roll on Thursday,very strong possibility of a Viking Game!!!!


  1. Just like to put the record straight I did my bit but was badly let down in sectors!!!!

  2. Hi there! As requested, I too have had the Russian 'bots raising my hits one day last week (Wednesday?) Its returned to normal activity since then though!

    PS: Love the Viking settlement and Longship!!!

  3. Great model....just finished reading God of Vengeance by Giles Kristian. Excellent once you get your head round all the Viking 'kennings'.

    1. Hi Springinsfeld-saw a copy in Tesco this morning,but didn't get it-I will now though!-I've just received my Viking "crew" for the ship from Warrior,I'll have to base them on small bases to fit into the model,so look out for them shortly.

  4. Cheers Herkybird-hopefully nothing sinster then!!!
    Thanks for kind comments.