Monday, 4 July 2016

Pila vs Pike.170BC

Last night saw a very interesting game,throwing up challenges to both sides and testing our knowledge and rules-great stuff!

Top photo shows scenario and bottom shows the table layout before any movement.Paul and Brian were the Macedonians and Graham and I were the Romans.

Graham's Hastati and Brian's Illyrians started the contest,with Javelins and Pila filling the air,and then the melee began!!
Charlie Wesencraft paid us a visit just before the game started,mainly to return a book he had borrowed last week,but stayed for about an hour,cheering us on from the sidelines,and enjoying,in his words,the spectacle of the game-praise indeed!!

I have marched half of the Triarii over to the right to form a flanking force to prevent Paul from attacking my cavalry-fat chance!!!

This looks serious!!-no laughs here,but lots of action,as Brian and Graham are still locked in melee with their front line troops.In the foreground you can see that Paul and I are getting ready for a glorious cavalry battle.

Both Paul and I are ready to do battle-on the far right flank,horse archers and light infantry are skirmishing,each trying to gain the flank.

The cavalry clash begins-Paul's dice throwing was "uncanny" and smacked of "Witchcraft"-Brian is holding his head in his hands because Paul has sent his Commander into the fray to gain an advantage in one of the melees-and,of course,he got killed,resulting in his whole cavalry contingent leaving the field-hurrah!!!

With cavalry superiority,the flank should have been mine,but Paul,being Paul, attacked with his heavy infantry-the swine!!! But what of the other flank?-with both first line troops exhausted,they decided to pull back and let the "big boys" have a go!!!

Graham's Princepes and Brian's Phalanx move towards each other,both have the same points but are armed with different weapons-this is going to be tight!!

The "grind" begins-the Roman pila did some damage,but the pikes did as much!!-the melee went on for three rounds,with the Romans eventually winning,due to gaps appearing in the phalanx-wargaming at its best!!
Because we had a couple of more units left on the board than the Macedonians,we declared the winners,in this very hard fought and tight battle-well done lads!!
Roll on Thursday,we will be running through the Participation game we will be putting on at Stockton next Saturday (9th July)


  1. Another cracking looking game....sigh!

    1. Hi,again, Springinsfeld,I don't know where you live,but if it's local to the North East,you'd be welcome to come any time.