Friday, 8 July 2016

Kamikaze Paricipation Game for 9.7.2016,and "sticky tip"

Last night we had a full turn-out for a "run-through" of the participation game Brian and I are putting on at Stockton tomorrow.
We played a full game,using Graham and Dave as the Kamikaze pilots and Paul as the American pilots and Carrier commander,whilst Brian and I kept scores and timed the whole game. Everything went well and we are looking forward to letting the wargaming public try our game.

The top photo shows the scenario,and the bottom one shows the simplified rules and "instruments" we will be using.

This is how the table will look before the game starts-we have opted for a 6foot by 4foot table.

The Japanese "Zero Fighters" about to take off from the ,correct in every detail, airfield!!!

2 Corsairs and 2 P40's about to take off from the American Aircraft Carrier (USS Titanic?)-the objective of the game is for the Zero's to sink the Carrier-easy!!!!!
Now for the "sticky tip"........................

If you have any figures with thin and easily snapped parts,simply put a couple of coats of Nail hardening varnish onto the parts,followed by a drop of Super Glue,and they will become as hard as the rest of the figure in just a few minutes.The figure shown is a "Peasant" from Warrior Miniatures,using a "flail"-I applied the varnish and glue,and now they are almost "Paul-proof" and that's saying something!!!!!
Roll on tomorrow!


  1. Good luck tomorrow lads!Its hard work doing public participation games, and I hope your efforts are acknowledged and appreciated!

  2. The title reminds me of a certain admirer of one of our dear members who goes by the affectionate handle
    "Perfume pants"
    There's nothing divine about it though!