Saturday, 30 July 2016

High Light at the "Low Light"

Charlie Wesencraft and his group put on a viking demonstration game at the Low Light Museum today,featuring a raid on the Priory at Tynemouth,so my wife and paid it a visit.
The museum charges £2 a head(no concessions!) for entry,and to be quite honest,it wasn't worth it-but that's another thing!
On with the demo. game,Charlie,Dave(1) and Dave(2),Mike,Paul and Mel were present and when I got there the game was just starting-everyone moving figures and happily chatting,in an upstairs room with a good size table.
The scenario was played around a sizable Viking force having landed by ship,and striking inland to attack the Priory,which was being defended by a sizable Saxon force!!.................

First move,Mike is looking pensive!-the Priory is the building at the far end of the table.

Dave(1),Charlie and Dave(2) planning their next move.

The Vikings are approaching the Priory,but are about to be attacked by a Saxon warband.

What every good Viking Horde needs-lots of dice,a pen some paper, a tape,and of course a few ships!!!!

I hope that's not Viking "Grog" in that cup,Charlie!!-the Vikings are making headway now,and clearing the landing area.

The counter-attack begins-Mike and Paul are quickly moving to defend the Priory,is Mel going to lend a hand?

Of course he is!!-however a bad dice throw prevented him from moving all of his troops,but the ones he did move are looking good.............................

Here they are,splendid with their new flag!! At this point in the proceedings my wife wanted a cup of coffee,so down to the attached cafe we went!!(I won't even mention the conversation about "two black coffees please"-"you mean Americano's?"-one of my steely stares later sorted him out!!!!) two black(!!) coffees and two very small cheese scones later(and a £7 hole in my pocket) I ascended the two flights of stairs(a lift was available) to say Cheerio to the "boys" and to take one last photo..............................

The Priory looks in danger!! and action is ensuing along the whole length of the table.
Well done to Charlie and his Group for putting on this game,I hope it attracted a lot of attention.


  1. Hope you left a good tip Is £4 still your favoured amount???.

  2. Reminds me of when we put on a EI Roman game on at Segedunum when it first opened!

    1. Hi Herkybird,I remember that well,we were invited to put on a game,but no-one got back to us with details!!!Hope you are well.

  3. Afternoon John,
    I think you should take over from Eddie Eats as the food critic for the Sunday Sun, you have a lot in common. Large portions for minimal cost.Good to see Charlie though.

    1. Hi Robbie,Charlie was in good form,it's a pity that there wasn't any advertising for the event,not even on the Low Light web site!!-as for the food,average portions would have been ok!!!

  4. Ah Segedunum the great Roman Landmark in the Town of my birth!!!