Monday, 18 July 2016

Caesars Egyptian Folly.47BC

Whenever I come up with a scenario,I always try and build in a tactical or logistical problem for both sides,and last night's game was no exception!!!

Top photo is the scenario,and bottom is the table before any movement.Graham drew the "short straw" and ended up commanding the 13th Legion,in defensive square around the oasis,I was Caesar commanding the 10th Legion,Brian was Ptolomey,commanding the centre and left of the Egyptians,and Paul was Prince Aarken commanding the right,consisting of Loads of skirmishers and 3 heavy units of infantry.

Brian and I started the battle by moving forward our light troops-Brian,surprisingly,split his light chariots,moving 2 against my lights and 2 against the Legion-this had the effect of weakening his fire-power against my flank,and allowed me to move into melee-hurrah!!

The beleaguered 13th could only stand there and take it!!!-Paul moved his heavies onto the hill awaiting an opportunity to attack, once the cohorts were weakened-the sneaky swine!!!

My 10th Legion is advancing,and forming line,to try and support the 13th-the Egyptians in the centre are moving forward to contest the cohorts-is he mad???
But what of the flank?

Brian is looking worried,as well he should!-my cavalry are attempting to disrupt his line,however with some well-aimed bow shots,he managed to drive one unit away and stalled the other! My lights are giving Brian's a lesson in how to fight though,and the flank would soon be mine-another hurrah!!

Despite being seriously weakened,Graham took the opportunity,when my cohorts were close enough,to break formation and attack!!!-it should be noted that at the end of the game,the 13th had lost half of it's strength!!!

In the centre,Brian has attacked the cohorts,but "bounced",and even putting his commander into the fray,along with his bodyguard,the day was lost for the Egyptians...................

One final shot showing the state of play along the whole table!
This was a great game,both sides were given real problems,but got them sorted-well done lads!
Brian has been painting furiously over the past few weeks,and his WW2 collection is nearing completion-he brought his newest items,a Panther tank and a Jag-Panther for us to "Ooh and Ahhh" over.They look magnificent,great job Brian!!

Marvellous,to say the least!!-I am not a WW2 buff,but can't wait to see Brian's collection go into action,and take part in various scenarios/situations.
We will probably be playing on Thursday,but have no idea what period we will be playing.


  1. Fantastic looking game John. The 13th Legion in square is very impressive! The Brian's tanks look great too. Can't wait to try a game out with them.