Monday, 3 December 2012

American Civil War game 2.12.12.

Last night we had a full compliment (5) playing an A.C.W. game using Dave's figures,and a very exciting game it turned out to be.
Above and below shows the Scenario,and map of initial dispositions,the side with the most points at the end of the game would be the winner.

The above photo shows the "Reb" column snaking its way towards the central hills,with Brian waiting for his troops to start their attack on the far hill.Both sides had decided to ignore the hill with the "mountain" on it and this set the tone for the battle to rage along the centre and far edge of the board.
It must,at this point ,be pointed out that I didn't play last night because my "gammy" knee was playing up,so Brian and Dave were Rebel commanders whilst Paul and Graham were Union commanders.

This shot shows the line getting into position,with Dave's cavalry attempting to stop Paul from moving forward or deploying his guns,this didn't work!!

These are Brian's right flank troops just about to start their ill-fated attack on Graham's troops who had the advantage of being in woods and standing still,however Brian made an heroic attempt three times to get to grips,and caused a little alarm in the Union camp.

Opening shots in the centre,Paul is pushing forward to try and capture the hill,which Dave is defending with guns and infantry.Graham is doing something funny with his hands! as long as he keeps them above the table,we'll be happy!!

Both side are moving into firing lines,while in the background Brian is ferociously attacking Graham.

This shows the battle in full swing on Dave's left flank,this was aparticularly bloody affair with both sides having to rush supporting units and Brigadiers all over the place to maintain "status quo" (well whatever you want!)

This shows Dave's magnificent assault on the Union centre,guns and muskets blazing,neither side willing to retire,and nerves fraying!!

Paul was really pushing hard on the Reb left flank,and, although he had troops retreating,he plugged the gaps in his line and continued the effort,until Dave's brave troops could take no more.

This is the final shot,Brian's troops are broken and retiring in sectors,and Dave's cetntre attack has failed,due partly to Paul's wonderful positioning of his gun battery,which enfiladed any troops silly enough to show themselves! Graham was just about to move his forces out of the wood and counter attack Brian,so it was decided that the game was over,and the Union army had won a decisive victory,
Well done to all players,a colourful and exciting game,roll on Thursday.

Before the game started we all "OOH'D and ARR'D" over Dave's painting of this great one-piece-casting from Elite.



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    1. Hi Steve,thanks for comments,we use our own house rules,which are the same for every period we play!! based on each unit having a "fighting point" and a "morale point",Morale is whittled away by firing etc,then consult a very simple chart to get reaction.

  2. Nice looking game, and the brave boys in blue prevailed! - Huzzah!