Friday, 21 December 2012

Ancients game before the end of the world.20.12.2012.

I'm sure Brian and Paul will agree that last night's game was not the best we've had,my fault I suppose,too few figures on too big a space,the scenario was ok  but the game was a bit "flat",however we played it and discovered a few twists and turns.

This is the scenario,I thought it was quite interesting,and posed problems for both sides.

This is the overall view of the table,with the Romans on the left and Carthaginians on the right.

this is the Roman position before the game started,Paul was in charge of the Romans,whilst Brian and I took command of the Carthaginians.

This is about move number 4,with both sides charging after initial moving backwards and forwards,Paul had decided to shorten his line,and moved back to a position between the "peach orchard" and the Villa,this was a good move and funelled my troops into a narrow gap,he also occupied the orchard,which was also my plan,so we had to fight for it!

Brian's cavalry charging into ,again, a narrow gap,he was hit by javelins from the Villa,on his way past,and then he hit Paul's 1st cohort.The rersulting melee swayed both ways,until Paul put half a unit of supporting cavalry into the fray.and Brian was beaten.A similar fate awaited his second unit of cavalry too!!

Brian had two units of spearmen,supported by two units of Elephants,onthe far left flank,and these moved forward,only to be charged by Paul's mercenary Gauls! As Brian was hit whilst stationary,he was at adisadvantage in the ensuing melee,and was beaten, and pushed back,luckily his elephants were near enough to act as support,and saved the situation.

This photo shows the clash in the centre,with my Celts and Spanish troops,hitting the Roman legion,again this went on for quite some time,but eventually better training and discipline paid off and my whole line disintergrated into a flying rabble!!

This is the cavalry melee in full swing,just before they broke and headed for home! Brian did well on this flank,overall,but bad dice throwing was our downfall ! (now where have I heard that before?)

Despite having been beaten once,Brian bravely put his spearmen and elephants back into the fight,and pushed Paul's Gauls back,and after morale checks,they had to retire,so I suppose Brian had won that flank,however our cavalry was a spent force,and my centre had collapsed,so Paul was the winner,and well desereved too.

O.M.G. Santa's little helpers! It's enough to frighten the bairns into being good for Xmas !

Roll on Sunday,haven't decided what to play yet.

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