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Indians vs Romans 45AD. 16.12.12.

For last night's game I laid on a rather ficticious game,pitting Indians against Romans.As it turned out this was an interesting game with lots of twists and turns.We drew lots before the game and it fell that Paul and I were Romans,and Brian and Graham were Indians.The scenario was once again very simple,the Romans had to cross the river,capture the village and fort to win the game.

This is the scenario,plain and simple,it always is until you start to play!!

This is the fort,with Indian troops streaming out ready to stop the Romans from crossing the very wide river,keep an eye on the Elephants!!

Move number one,Paul's Auxilliaries have already crossed the river and are attacking the Village,this tussle went on for most of the game.

This shows Graham's troops emerging from the fort,keep your eye on the Elephants!

Brian's troops ruishing towards the river,cavalry on his right flank,and Elephants in front of his infantry,keep your eye on the Elephants!!

This photo shows the lovely Roman lines,all poised to cross the river,my "storming party" is on the road leading to the bridge,these troops were classed s "raw" and probably not the best troops to storm the fort,which Brian,and his naked (well bare breasted) bodyguard defended very well.

In this shot you can see Graham's elephants running amok,after Paul had shot his bolt throwers at them,"they don't like it up 'em" well this lot didn't.The elephant stampede blocked Graham's cavalry and infantry advance,and it is fair to say that he was not a happy bunny (or elephant!)

After both Paul and I had pulverised the fort gate with our catapults,the storming party (might as well be the Lib-dem party!) surged forward,only to be met with a fusilade of arrows from the naked ladied on the parapets,the "stormers" did not like it up them either!! and the attack failed,Brian had also got some Indian infantry onto their flank,which didn't help matters.

My right flank cavalry are attacking Brian's light cavalry,this should have been a "walk over",however,as you can see,coming in on my flank,is an elephant,which has gone beserk,after having been shot at by my bolt throwers,this resulted in me being dis-ordered and I lost the bloody melee!!

I have formed "testudo" with two cohorts in this shot and am advancing onto Brian's infantry,his skirmishers were no good against this wonderful formation (well done Romans,and well done Warrior Miniatures)

The on-going melee at the village,Graham's stout defence of this position held Paul up for a long time,but eventually Paul's troops fought their way into the village and began to threaten Graham's flank.

Brian has managed to get one of his elephant units to charge my cohorts crossing the river,against two cohorts the result was inevitable,but he held me up for two moves,until his morale cracked and the elephant ran amok,and off the board.

This shows the right flank,and village,with Graham's four cavalry units being held up until the "procession" of elephants passes,however paul had other ideas and attacked the passing elephants in the flank,resulting in them taking off to their left!! which once again disrupted the cavalry,much to Graham's chagrine! In fact it was at this point that he lost control of all his faculties and withdrew all the cavalry,much to Paul's delight,the flank was open and his attack began in ernest.

This shot shows Paul's troops wading across the river,just before his attack on the elephants,and their disastrous move to the left.

My "storming party" is being finished off in this shot by Brian's Indain infantry,luckily Paul was sending a cohort to assist me,what a fine chap he is! (note elephant (amok) sneaking up on us from the rear,this animal happened to disrupt Brian's inf. as well as mine,so it wasn't all bad.)

Paul's cohort storming the fort and showing the Auxilliaries how it should be done.

Final shot,Paul's cavalry are beating Graham's cavalry,and his centre cohorts are pushing the Indians back,meanwhile on the other flank I managed to defeat Brian's cavalry and infantry,and so the Romans were declared the winners.
A very colourful and exciting game,we must do it again some time,maybe leave it a while though !!

roll on Thursday.

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