Friday, 28 December 2012

Roman Civil War 100AD.28.12.12.

Well,what superlatives can I come up with to describe this game? Probably one will suffice...Tremendous!!
The scenario was that two Roman armies were facing each other,supplemented by Barbarians,and just had to beat each other,easier said than done!
Paul and I were in charge of Legio Nova (blue) and Brian and Dave were in charge of Legio Phoenix (red).

Brian had a paricularly hard job of advancing with his mixed force of Auxilliaries and cavalry,to cross a stream and then take on Paul's waiting Barbarians.This shot shows him just about to cross the stream,with Paul assaulting him,and trying to get his cavalry around Brian's flank.

This is my right flank,with Auxilliaries pushing forward in support of my Barbarians,however Dave had his barbarians in a good position to stop them,this melee went on for about two years!! We both had to put in extra troops to stem the flow,but eventually D ave made the move of the game by Outflanking me with a regiment of cavalry,which caused all sorts of trouble for me.

Whilst the flanks were fighting for their lives,the centres began to advance on each other,and with a clash and thud of pila,they met!! Because they were evenly matched,neither side could gain a real advantage,this is where tactics and cunning came into the game,however we both decided to do the same thing,and reinforced the lines,and tried to extend outwards to the flanks.

Brian is seen here rushing to support his flank with a couple of cohorts,in the meantime Dave is sending cohorts to support his centre,we were now in trouble! A quick prayer to the Gods is needed,either that or a couple of good dice throws!! Guess what? Paul's famous dice throws came to our rescue,and the flank was stabilised.

Meanwhile,on my flank,Dave has managed to gain the upper hand and is forcing me backwards,where's  the cavalry?

In this shot,Brian has managed to beat Paul's Barbarians,however Paul had a unit of cavalry "lurking" on the flank,and used these to stem the tide.

This gives agood impression of what was happening along the whole length of the table,both flanks engaged and the centres punching holes in each other,somethings got to give!!

Brian's flank has just about had it! His cavalry are beaten,and his cohorts are suffering from repeated attacks by Paul's infantry and cavalry,however it's not over 'til the fat lady sings!!

This photo shows the climax of the melee in the centre,Dave's cohorts are being pushed back,and I have reinforced my flank,and am ready to deal the death blow to Dave's barbarians.

Legio Phoenix has cracked!! with the position in the centre and both flanks in trouble,very graciously,Dave and Brian conceded the game,and Paul and I both breathed a sigh of relief!
After the game,Brian had to go for a lie down in a darkened room,Dave had to go home for a drink,Paul had to have a cuddle,and I had to be wiped down with a chamois leather!!

roll on the next game!


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