Friday, 14 December 2012

Brut crossroads,Marlburian.vs Paul and Brian

Last night the three "musketeers" braved the cold and discomfort of the garage and had an excellent game.The game was designed to last a few moves,and gave Brian the chance to command his own figures,he had to take a crossroad and farm within a certain time limit (7 moves) before Paul came onto the board with some Bavarian reinforcements.

Above is the scenario,which was to be fought in the "snow"

These are Brian's troops,Danish on the right flank,and Austrians in the centre and Cavalry on his left.To the left centre of this photo is the small village of Brut,defended by a couple of low morale rated Bavarian inf.regiments.

This is my position from the rear of the Xroads and farm,on my left are some Bavarian cav.and an Irish regiment,and on the right is another Irish regiment,I was quietly confident that I could stem Brian's attack,even though most of my troops had poor morale ratings.

Another view of my positions,with the farm heavily defended and my right flank protected by the Bavarians in the village.

This shows Brian's first asault against the farm,with his Austrians,I managed to beat them back after a couple of melees,but he persisted,and sent in his newly-painted Danish guards,who managed to turn the tide and actually got into the farm and held onto it for the rest of the game,despite my Irish trying to regain it.

Meanwhile in the centre,Brian's cavalry clash with mine,being supported by the Bavarian inf.I had decided in my battle plan to be aggressive with all of my cavalry,on my right, to bring Brian onto my Bavarian muskets,and on my left to try and outflank Brian's troops,neither worked!!

This is a shot of the Danish Guards,having driven the Irish out of the farm,Brian is moving troops up against the farm and in the centre (both out of picture) in an attempt to get everything finished by move 7,this photo was move 6!!

Move number 7 and the relief column trundles onto the board,however my centre and left flank were in real trouble,and Brian's cuirassiers were "lurking" on the flank of the proposed route of the relief troops! What else could go wrong??

O.M.G. it's the Brothers Grimm again!!

This shows my left flank,Reggie (Brian) struck again here,to stem a "rearwards movement" of my cavalry,I stupidly,put the cavalry commander into the unit,with the "usual" result,Reggie killed him-result? Cavalry dis appeared into the snow!!!However my Irish were giving Brian's British Grenadiers (loaned from the British Government especially for this game) a right old hiding. I had also rallied the Irish who were originally in the farm,and was now moving them against Brian's out-flanking cavalry.

The final fire-fight at the crossroads and farm,by this time I had re-established my positions (except for the farm!) and Paul was making his troops tell in the village,and was pressing on against Brian's Austrians in the centre,so a halt was called and Brian had to admit that his troops were in no condition to continue.

This was another good game,all parties enjoyed it,we kept warm,had a cup of Oxo at half time,what more could we have asked for? Warmth would have been nice!!
Roll on Sunday,another Ancients until the rest of the "boys" come up with a scenario,map etc,for another Horse and Musket game,Come on "boys"...

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