Monday, 10 December 2012

Ancient game vs Brian.A.D.69

This colourful and exciting game was played "in the snow",and revolved around the British tribes refusing to send "hostages",and being attacked for not doing so.(Brian was in charge of the tribes,and insisted that the "elders " of the tribes were a little deaf,and thought they had to send "sausages!!)
I took command of the Romans,and a very fast  and bloody game ensued.

Above is the scenario and map, and troop information.

This is move one,Brian had to throw "random movement dice" for his warbands,and this proved to be crucial,for me, in the opening stages,Brian couldn't get a few of his troops to move the distances he wanted them to move,and gave me time to formulate my plan,and move my cohorts to where the attacks were coming in.

This shows my right flank cavalry moving into position,I had to block the gap between the woods and the board edge because I was outnumbered, and I neede to fight Brian's cavalry on a 1:1 basis.

This shot shows Brian's centre tribe getting to grips with my front line cohorts,I have sent two cohorts to each flank to bolster the troops there,boy did I need them!!
Brian used his chariots very well,charging them into contact,inflicting damage,and then getting them out again.(he learns too fast!)

My right flank cavalry hitting Brian's cavalry,he had the advantage of a spare unit (lurking in the background) this was areal tussle,he fed in his extra cav.,I fed in my extra cohort,sent for that purpose,and eventually I won the flank,but was so "beaten up" that a follow up was impossible.

Look at the action here!My whole line is under attack,my left flank is about to crumble under cavalry and chariot assault,and Brian has penetrated me!!( by that I mean my line!!) Can I hold on, and hope that superior training and discipline will tell in the end?

This photo is of my crumbling left flank,Brian has hit me in the flank with a chariot unit,and a warband is moving up to support,am|I doomed? YES!!

This shot shows the most crucial part of the game,my line of cohorts has held in the centre,and Brian was forced to throw the Icenii commander into a warband to stop it from retiring,in the following melee, I managed to kill him!! This resulted in the whole of that tribe having to test morale,and they failed!! The whole tribe turned face and "retired" leaving me victorious,well apart from the left flank,which was a picture of despair,with my auxilliaries being beaten, and my flank turned,However because I had now,more troops to spare,and could shift them to the threatened flank, I was declared the winner.

Final shot of the game,Icenii running away,lovely sight!!

This was a first class game with everthing you could hope for in a wargame,shooting,melees,morale tests,swift movement,good tactics, and of course good company,roll on Sunday.

Above is a photo of Brian's newly-painted Hoplites,from Warrior Miniatures,he has been feverishly painting so we can have a fairly large Persian vs Greeks game very soon.

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