Monday, 24 December 2012

Napoleonic game 23.12.12.

For last night's game we had a Napoleonics,based on a couple of French columns having to get down a pass and then capturing a stronghold held by a British force.This turned out to be an epic game,with both sides having to be on their finest tactical mettle.

This is the scenario,I commanded the British,and Paul commanded the right hand column of French,whilst Brian commanded the left hand column of French.

Paul and Brian marched down their respective passes,commenting on how the grass was at this time of year,picking the odd flower,listening to the birds in the trees,THEN...Guerrillos,bursting from the mountain side on Paul's flank!!They shot at one of Paul's regiments,who then had to test morale,being surprised,shot at and in the flank upset them and caused them to retire,almost dragging a gun battery with them,however Paul put his Brigadier amaongst them and stopped the rot.

It must be said at this point that Brian spent the rest of the game expecting an attack by more Guerrillos.

The second French columns arrived on the board on move number three,as did the British reinforcements,this put four French against three British,and put me under considerable pressure.This shot shows my gun battery in the stronhold firing on Paul's leading regiments.

This photo shows my right flank being attacked by Brian,who came down his pass in grand style,but was forced into square by the only cavalry on the board,British light Dragoons.These wonderful cavalry charged and captured Brian's gun battery,however he was so strong in infantry that I had to retire them behind my lines.By this time I was being subjected to attacks on both flanks,and even with cannister being fired on the French,and muskets blazing along my whole line,it seemed that it was going to be only a matter of time before my troops broke somewhere!!

In this shot Brian is pushing forward with ever increasing numbers,and Paul has launched an attack on the stronghold,which was held by one regiment only,big mistake I think!

Away on my left flank,Paul continued his attack,and with a carefully timed charge with a column of infantry,managed to break my line,forcing me to fall back,onto the relief troops,who just managed to get into position and so a status quo was maintained.However paul's attacks on the stronghold continued,and the troops in the strong hold were eventually "ousted" or "ejaculated" from said position!This put me in an awkward position,and I had to reinforce the position,using one of my reserve regiments.

Look at this!The French seem determined to get into this position,meanwhile Brian is forever pushing forwardon my other flank,can I hold out?

This is a shot of the whole French attack going in,magnificent stuff,who couldn't be impressed??

This shows my counter-attack,which was successful to a degree,but with more and more French troops coming up the hill,I suppose it was really a futile gesture!!

The final photograph,the stronhold has been taken,I have two regiments running away (retiring!) and both flanks under tremendous pressure,so the French were declared the winners,and justly so.
this was a tremendous game,and enjoyed by us all.

And finally I,on behalf of the Westerhope Wargames Group,Paul,Brian,Dave and Graham,would like to wish all of our followers and readers,all over the world,a very merry Christmas,and a happy and peaceful New Year.


  1. Nice game report, and nice figures!

    1. Thanks for comments Phil,and thanks for reading our blog.