Friday, 21 December 2012

Mahratta Command

My Mahratta project continues to proceed slowly but I have made an early New Years resolution to push on with this in 2013. My first Mahratta regular brigade is almost finished and I have started to paint and base some command groups. John posted a photo of my first British command group in a previous post. The photos here show my first completed brigade command base for the Mahrattas. In 1803 most of Scindias brigades were commanded by Frenchmen so I decided to use a Revolutionary period figure to represent this. The mounted figure is by Elite Miniatures and the foot figure is a Redoubt Indian commander from their Wellington in India range.
I am quite pleased at how the base has come out and my painting does seem to be improving. I plan to have 3 or 4 of these brigade commands in the Mahratta army to lead the infantry brigades. They will wear different coloured jackets to differentiate them.
I have 12 figures currently on the painting table to complete the regular element of my first brigade and plan to have the brigade complete and based during the Xmas holidays. I will post some photos once I have finished.

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