Monday, 4 November 2013

Battle of "Baker Street" 1758-Ohio Valley.

Last night saw Brian,Graham and I fighting Indians against Rangers,and British and French Regulars!
As usual the game was fast but exciting.....

The scenario and initial dispositions-I had decided,as a Ranger commanding the right flank and centre companies,to swing around the settlement,in a feint move,and attack in the centre,hoping to "lure" Brian away from the column.Graham was to back my moves up,and defend the fort-simple!!

The defenders of the fort,Graham used his gun well-he only had two shots,but decided to use cannister for both,with devastating effect on the attacking French.

The "unsuspecting" column advancing down Baker Street-nice day for a stroll-what could possibly spoil the tranquility??

Looks like a spot of Indian activity is going on !! However the Rangers are also getting close,surely the column and escort will be ok!!

Oh no it won't!! all hell breaks loose as the Indians spring their ambush-the first volley drove the escort back into the woods,and sent the settlers fleeing in panic!!

A simultaneous attack on the fort didn't help matters much,and even though Brian's French were weakened by cannister and musket fire,they managed to drive the British defenders out!!
Graham supported the defenders with a company of his Rangers and these inflicted enough damage to drive the French out in turn!!-thrilling stuff,but what of the column??

Against all odds,the column and escort of Rangers now,have managed to defeat the Indians-hurrah!!
This was the end of the game,the settlement was intact and the French were no longer in control of the fort_ Graham and I were declared the winners!!
A colourful and exciting game,which could have gone either way-Roll on Thursday!!

I have been working away at my "El Cid" figures,and have 7 units completed,I am quite pleased with the results-the flags and banners have been down-loaded from "freebie" sites and I think look good,the "daisy" shaped shields are upholstery nails painted!!

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  1. Good work. It's a very exciting period. I look forward to seing the completed collection next time I pop round :-)