Friday, 22 November 2013

Romans vs Britons

Last night saw the trusty three re-enacting last Sunday's game but using Ancients as opposed to Napoleonics-another great game-different result!!

This is a shot of the whole table,Brian took charge of the Landing Force,I took charge of the hill and ridge,and Paul took sole charge of the Britons.
Brian's plan was to land,sweep away the opposition,and then march to support me.(no mean feat when you look at the opposing warbands!!)My plan was to hold my positions as long as possible.
Paul had decided to hold back his cavalry on the far flank,launch his chariots as mobile shooting platforms(against my flanking cohort) and the attack along the whole line when a gap appeared.

Paul's attack is just developing,there seemed to be "thousands of 'em!-and indeed there was!!

Singing jolly sea shanties,Brian's jolly boats,full of jolly Romans,carrying jolly Pila,have landed,and are immediately assailed by not-so-jolly Britons-this was always going to be tough!
The ensuing melee mostly went Brian's way,and the Britons were forced back from the beach-hurrah!!

Paul's first wave has hit the Roman line,and his chariots are making their presence felt on my far left flank.his second wave is just about to break over the Auxilliaries!!-Brian appears to be doing ok,and Paul has retreated his warbands to a better position,ready to counter attack-the swine!!

Now there's a fine line!! that is apart from the far flank cohort,which has been forced out of line by good use of chariots from Paul-is this the "chink" in the Roman armour?

A resounding YES!! is the answer,having to turn to face the flank threat,Paul is launching another few warbands at my line,and I am about to buckle!!-My cavalry are doing well on my right flank,and Brian is being put under renewed pressure on his flank-oh woe is us(as opposed to toys is us!!)

The cavalry battle is going my way,but the ridge is lost-all now depends on my erstwhile ally and dependable general (who last week ordered his cavalry to "hide") to come to my assistance.

This is Brian's "high water mark" he just couldn't get through the mass of warriors-never mind there's always another day!!

This was an excellent game,played in good spirit,lots of action-what more could you ask for?-well a win would be nice!!
Roll on Sunday-probably horse and musket.
Dave,Brian and I are going to "Smoggycon" on Saturday,so expect a full report on Sunday.
Finally,a couple of photo's of work in progress from Brian and I....

These show my latest Andalusian cavalry from Warrior Miniatures-I'm chuffed with them!

Brian's latest offering from a combination of Gripping Beast and Front Rank,late Romans-we both seemed to have gone for the light blue look!!

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