Monday, 18 November 2013

Battle of Santa Major 1809,Spain.

Last night the "famous five" fought an excellent Napoleonic battle,with Graham and Paul taking the roll of British commanders,and Brian,Richard and I commanded the French.

These first two photo's show the scenario and the table before any movement.

This shows Paul's landing force,which was met by Richard,whose objective was to delay them,whilst Brian stormed the ridge,and I captured the town and out-flanked the ridge-great plan,what could go wrong?

This is Brian's central position,he outnumbered the French by two to one,his cavalry was better,all he had to do was move forward and take the ridge,what could go wrong?

This shows my infantry,about to attack the town "a la bayonette only!) I outnumbered Graham's Spanish by three to one,what could go wrong?-it would be like a walk in the park!! My cavalry and horse artillery are about to start their out-flanking move to my left.

There's the rocket,there it goes,where it lands-nobody knows!! Graham fired the rocket 8 times and managed two hits-not bad!! Along with the rocket he had three highland regiments and a gun battery,backed up with lots of cavalry,who he sent mainly against mine!!

I have eventually taken the town,and the Spanish are vacating it at a rate of knots!! However my cavalry and gun are being beaten in melees and being forced back-but not before I killed Paget!!-hurrah.
To the right of the town,Brian is sending his Dragoons forward against guns and heavy cavalry,whilst his infantry(advancing in line!! ignoring the Scots Greys coming over the ridge!!) are about to be shattered by the British lining the crest.

Paul's force has landed ,and is moving forward to support Graham,however Richard is in a fine position,and will be okay,as long as he doesn't lose his guns!!-guess what? he lost his guns to a well-timed charge by a Portuguese regiment.Now Richard was in trouble,outnumbered two to one,but still in a good position.

This shot sums it all up!!Brian is crying,Richard is gloating(?) and Paul looks positively beaming!!
Our objectives are looking further and further away at this time!!

The final shot,the French centre is devastated,and the British cavalry is reforming,ready to complete their victory,I am fighting a defensive battle on my flank,and Richard is living on borrowed time-and Paul is still beaming!!

This was a good game,loads of action,and loads of mistakes,loads of fun.

Roll on Thursday-probably same terrain,possibly a Roman landing against British warbands.


  1. Mistakes John! my handling of the French was nothing short of shocking.But as all students of Military History knows,"The first casualty of War is the plan"and what a plan it was!!.

  2. Looks like you came on in the old style and were sent away in the old style Brian! You will have to talk me through the cavalry order "hide"! :)

  3. Too true mate like Grand old Duke of York but only got to bottom of Hill!! Order change, delete "Hide" change to "Lurk"!!.Get Painting Dave I have more Egyptians on way.

  4. Hi John
    You seem to have mastered the art of losing
    Chris :-)