Saturday, 23 November 2013

Smoggcon Report 2013.

Brian,Dave and I braved a cold and damp day to go to Middlesbrough for the annual Smoggycon event  today.
When we arrived we were greeted in a friendly manner by the "boys" on the door-no concessions for O.A.P.'s but at least I got a free wrist band! once inside we saw the usual mix of unkempt,unwashed and unloved people that seem to populate these shows,but there was also a preponderance of good,decent wargamers too!!
The show was set on two levels,with a good mix of games and traders,and money was being spent-always a good sign,as usual at theses do's we bumped into long lost friends,talked to traders and gamers,and then retired for a cup of coffee and a sandwich-this is where the show fell short,in my opinion-long queues for the sandwich bar,which appeared to have only one person serving,coffee machines with no cups,however on a positive note,I did manage to eventually get a cup!!

The epitome of what a good demo game should be,lovely figures,good terrain,but most of all the guy had time to talk to us,about his figures,rules,flags etc.etc.-well done Independent !!Dave seems interested.

Another good game which attracted alot of attention,from Tyneside Group,Pete and Frankie seem to be enjoying themselves-is that my old mate Paul in the background from Charlie Wesencraft's group?

There were of course the bizarre and unusual games-Toy Town,and Wild West shoot-out to name but two-the enthusiasm shown from these guys is remarkable-long may they continue.

This is just a general shot of the room-very busy and loads of people attending-one final shot has to be included...........

This shows Brian,forming an orderly queue to play the Wild West shoot out game!!

All in all a good day out,we will,of course attend next year-well done to the organisers.

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