Monday, 25 November 2013

Battle of Glen Dreary 1640

We had a bit of a "different" game last night,loosely based on historical fact,with Scottish Clans fighting English regiments,with a bit of cavalry and a couple of guns thrown in for good measure!!

These photo's show the scenario and initial troop dispositions,Graham and Paul commanded the Scots,whilst Brian and Richard commanded the English.
Paul's plan was to make a feint move towards the marsh,and then swing onto the centre,massing the Clans,for an all-out attack on Richard's English regiments-a good plan and it worked!!
Brian and Graham,both commanding troops facing each other across the stream,had very similar plans,involving getting the cavalry to grips,and then moving their troops into contact.

This shows Richard's troops,facing Paul's Clans,you can just see the feint move about to take place on the far right background.

Brian and Graham's flank is shown here,after an initial bombardment from their guns,the cavalry moved forward and clashed-the melee lasting most of the game,whilst the infantry moved slowly forward to "push of pike"(don't tell him your name pike!!)

The cavalry battle in full swing-Graham was throwing high dice,putting Brian on the back foot,however he persisted,throwing his second regiment into the fray,and the melee swung back and forth-thrilling stuff!!

The English advance begins,with colours flying and drums beating,the Scots are waiting patiently on their ridge,safe in the knowledge that soon the English will be out-numbered and their charge can begin!!

After a tremendous volley from Richard,the Clans make contact,and were halted in the first round of melee,however,as you can see in the photo,the "marsh" clans are now making an appearance,swooping down onto the flank,and about to "do" for the English.

Meanwhile,on the other flank,Brian and Graham have,after much "huffing and puffing" got to grips-this was fairly even with neither side getting the upper hand for a while,then Graham's demon dice throwing took over and Brian was thrown back across the stream and the flank was secure,apart from the on-going cavalry battle!!

The Clans are pushing the English back here,and a single Clan(in the fore-ground) is moving to out-flank the line-this was a good move and sealed the fate of Richard's brave English troops.

Richard's troops have had enough and begin to retire,Paul has won the flank-hurrah!!

Brian's troops,apart from the still unresolved cavalry battle,are beaten,and he has had to retire behind the stream,so the Scots were declared the winners.
A good and interesting game,involving all elements of the opposing sides-well done lads!!
Roll on Thursday-possibly two games,and possibly Ancients.

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