Friday, 8 November 2013

Trouble at t' mill 1710.

We played an 18th century game last night,and what a "corker" it turned out to be! Our old mate Allan turned up,so four of us split the commands-Brian commanded the Bavarian and Irish infantry,I commanded the Bavarian horse and guns,whilst Paul took command of the Danish infantry,and Allan took command of the Danish horse.

This is the map of the initial positions,showing the Mill and defensive positions held by each side,the objective was just to defeat the enemy!!

This is a shot of the table before any movement,once our battle plans had been drawn up we started-I launched an attack on Allan's cavalry,and Brian commenced moving the Irish contingent,whilst Paul was content to watch and wait his time to strike!!

In the picture below(!) my cavalry have clashed with Allan's,whilst in the centre cannon balls and volley fire is decimating the infantry ranks,and the Irish contingent is still moving!!

Above shows the fight for the Mill hedge,with Paul's sneaky out-flanking move taking place,this was agood tussle,with Paul getting one regiment shot to hell,then following up and taking the position,forcing Brian to turn his Bavarian line to match!! Oh by the way,the Irish contingent is still moving!!

Look,the Irish contingent have stopped moving and are delivering a volley!!-hurrah,however the second rank of the Irish contingent still appear to be moving!!

Allan and I have fought each other to a standstill,however I did have a slight advantage.I decided to send two units of my best cavalry to support Brian,and try to capture Allan's gun,which was doing alot of damage in the centre.

Allan has countered my move to the centre,and Paul has given my second squadron a massive volley,which stopped them,and forced them to retire-so much for my master plan!!
The Irish contingent are still moving though,so all is right with the world!!

The Irish contingent have got themselves involved in a fire-fight! but two against one!! Are the back ranks moving?-NO!!

This was the last  move of the game,which was in a way a good draw,neither side having a real advantage,my cavalry was on the up on my flank,and the "tardy" Irish contingent was just about to inflict damage on Paul's troops,and the centre was just a mess!!-Anyway I'm writing the blog,so my decision stands!!-hurrah

This was yet another good game,played well by everyone,roll on Sunday,probably ancients.

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