Monday, 11 November 2013

Tacfarinas' Revolt-17-23AD North Africa

Last night saw us in North Africa,fighting Romans against a "Rebel" army led by a Numidian deserter called Tacfarinas,unfortunately Graham took a bad turn and couldn't make it-get well soon.

These two photo's show the scenario and troop dispositions and the table set up before any movement.
Paul and I commanded the Romans and Richard and Brian commanded the "Rebels"

Action!!Richard decided to hold his two isolated units,and await our charge-what he didn't know was that Paul had been given the choice of charging into them straight away,or holding back in case they had been deliberately left there to lure us into an ambush!! However Paul decided to see what was about to happen,and if there didn't appear to be an ambush,then advance onto them.
Along the front Brian advanced boldly(as usual),and moved his far right cavalry to block the tricky pass to our far right.

This,apart from being a good photo of Paul's arm,shows the isolated units being attacked by my cohorts-this was a disaster as far as the Romans were concerned! however I did a reserve cohort to help me out!!

This shot shows the centre ,Paul had decided to refuse his right flank and attack with his central and left cohorts,supported by my Auxilliaries,and a catapult-on the far right you can see a cavalry melee developing.

What a mess!! cohorts and rebel troops all over the place-Paul's cohorts are pushing Brian back in sectors,whilst Brian's light,but Pila armed troops are attacking the catapult hill,the cavalry deployment is almost complete on the right-we need urgent action -NOW!!

The heavies clash!out of camera shot,and on the wings,the light cavalry are lurking,just waiting for a chink in either side's armour!!

Paul's cavalry are being driven back,and Brian has joined the melee with his light cav. forcing Paul to do the same-a string of bad dice throws saw Paul being beaten,and chased off the board,leaving Brian rampant in his rear(ooh Betty!!)
In the centre however Paul was victorious (happy and glorious) and on my flank I was holding my own(no smutty comments please!) against Richard who was slowly getting his heavy infantry into a very impressive line.

There! I said it was impressive!! Brian's centre was all but finished,but his cavalry was now threatening our rear,it was touch and go!!

The final shot,because of the situation,we decided a draw was the fairest result-a very good game,particularly from Richard,who is still learning about Ancients,but who handled his troops well and most importantly of all,asked questions.
roll on Thursday-don't know what we'll be playing yet.

The final,final shot,of my latest Moorish cavalry unit,resplendent in down-loaded flags and upholstery pin shields!!

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