Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Painting update-Prussian 7YW army

I have been slowly but surely building up a Prussian 7YW army,whilst Paul has been slowly building up an Austrian 7YW army.
The following photographs are designed to "spur" Paul on to finish his army so we can have a much anticipated game in the near future!!
I know Paul has been doing exhaustive research into the tactics and fighting abilities of both armies,so just want to get these armies fighting each other.

All of the line infantry figures were made and /or converted by me from an original designed by Pete Foggin.
My army consists of twelve regiments of foot and eight of cavalry,plus six gun batteries(including one of horse)
I have said many times before that my painting skills are "poor" but the overall effect,I think, is good,so come on Paul,get those paints out,and let's have a game soon!!


  1. What a very fine army you have there, very fine indeed.

    1. Cheers Paul,it's not very often that I get a compliment on my painting etc.-I'll have to go somewhere and get emotional now!!