Friday, 6 June 2014

Pyrrhus vs Rome.

Last night capped my day off just right!!-I'd had an exciting game in the morning and an absolute "corker" of a game with Paul and Brian at night-it's great being retired you know!!
The game last night was a Roman army besieging a town,with a Pyrrhic army coming to relieve it,complete with phalanxes and elephants!!Brian and I were the Roman commanders and Paul was Pyrrhus.

This is Pyrrhus surveying the table before any movement,Brian commanded the troops attacking the town from sea and land,whilst I commanded the Legions.

Brian's attack begins,his catapults,on board the galley,knocked the wall down in three moves!!-my hero!! however the troops using the ladders and towers weren't quite so lucky,and took a bit of a hammering !!

Meanwhile,in the centre,Paul and I have locked horns-my hastati against his peltast types,with the dreaded elephants!-The elephants in the foreground were beaten soundly and had to take morale-luckily they ran amok missing all troops and eventually "fell" off the edge of the world-phew!!

Oh no!! the elephants remaining have pushed my hastati unit facing them,back,and Paul has sent in his horse archers,causing me all kinds of trouble-I wonder how Brian is getting on!!!!

We're in-hurrah,we're out-boo!! swings and roundabouts,still,if nothing else he's a determined man,and kept the pressure on Paul all game-what we need are the marines to land-I'm told they have an exploding "limpet" duck,that Brian is going to stick to the wall with chewing gum!!-the man's mad!

An exchange of lines from the Romans saw the Princepes step forward,whilst Paul has withdrawn his peltasts and the horrible Phalanxes now face me-ooh er!!

Crash!!,my pila hardly dented the shields of the phalangites,but their sarrisas dented my troops!!-this was going to be Titanic(it sank didn't it??)-The remaining elephants have ben killed,and the cavalry battle going on on the left,has been drawn again!(6 draws in total-must be a record!)

My Romans have pushed the Phalanxes back,and my hastati are starting to move to the flanks,this is looking good-what is happening at the town?

The exploding "limpet" duck has done its job,and the marines have stormed into the town-hurrah!!(limpet duck's brother can be seen in front of the galley!!)

The final photo,with the town in Roman hands,and Pyrrhus' centre in a mess,the Romans were declared the winners of this great game-well done to Brian and Paul-this is what I like about wargaming-roll on Sunday,Graham should be with us,and probably a Marlburian game.

As this is the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings,I think it would be fitting if we all said a silent "thankyou" to all the brave men who took part,all those years ago-Peace!!


  1. Wow....I always miss the best games! That photo of the Principes exchanging lines with the Hastati is stunning John.

    1. Yes Dave thats all well and good but what about the shot of Marcus Duckus leading the line "Steady the Ducks"or what!!

  2. Well Brian I always said you were 'quackers'!