Thursday, 13 November 2014

Battlefield Accessories.

I wonder how many of you,like me,scour Charity shops and Pet Stores trying to find Battlefield Accessories,or "clutter" if you like.
Well today I found,in a pet store in Newcastle,what I consider to be a bargain,and perfect accessories for our Ancient Egyptian battles.......

These Resin cast models are ideal in size and grandeur for our 25mm armies,and at an amazing price-the Sphinx cost £4.49 and the "Gods" cost £6.89 each!!

Using an existing piece of terrain,and a couple of palm trees,these two look  pretty good!!

The Sphinx looks pretty cool too!!-however we'll not be able to put them on the table 'til after Christmas!!
Comments would be nice!


  1. Excellent! but why do we have to wait until after Xmas?

  2. Great stuff - I like aquarium shops for plastic foliage and the occasional ruin...

    1. Hi Caliban,great source of all things old and ruined-that's where I met the wife!!

  3. Being bought as Xmas Pressie!!!