Friday, 31 October 2014

Gallow's End 1644

I always enjoy English Civil War games and last night's game with Paul and Brian was no exception-real good stuff,no nonsense "get stuck in" kind of wargaming!!

This is the scenario and troop dispositions,astute readers will recognise the terrain from this morning's game!-We drew lots and Brian was sole commander of the Parliamentarians,whilst Paul commanded the right and town,and I commanded the left for the King.

It was action from move one,this shows Brian advancing on my position-my plan was to lure his cavalry towards my infantry,give him a volley,and then launch my elite cavalry against him.
Paul's plan was to attack straightaway,using his cavalry superiority to drive Brian's cavalry off the board-Hmmmmm!!

With cavalry clashes and infantry moving towards "push of pike"(don't tell them your name Pike!!) this was terrific stuff-hurrah!!
Paul managed to get his cavalry well and truly beaten,but his infantry did very well,and Brian looked to be in a bit of bother-another hurrah!!

Paul is doing well,but Brian has seen the danger to his infantry and is sending his cavalkry reserve over to the flank as support-Paul's cavalry is in real trouble now,and it looks as if we might lose them altogether-what am I saying "we?" I mean "he!!"-back at my flank..........

My plan has worked(well,sort of) I have lured the Ironsides cavalry onto my muskets,and dealt Brian a blow,so horrid,that he retired his cavalry,leaving mine free to get into his infantry-this was not to be though,he regrouped,and charged into my infantry before they could form into a defensive formation,and rode them down-however my cavalry counter-charged him and beat him back-hurrah,hurrah!!

Ah,that reminds me,it's Halloween!!-now back to the game.......

This shows my counter charge against the Ironsides-my infantry have moved forward,and were met with a disastrous volley,and the a charge,which upset my whole plan,and forced me back,however on Paul's flank,the situation was ok but not brilliant,as he had lost most of his cavalry,and Brian's reinforcements were making themselves known to his infantry!!

With his cavalry gone,and his infantry being held in place by "lurking" cavalry,Paul came up with a brilliant(?) plan-Gathering his Lifeguards around him,he audaciously charged at Brian's command figure-is that allowed?

This was just too much for Brian who exploded into expletives-the likes of which I have never heard before!! but,being gentlemen,Paul and I threw the towel in and called him the winner-it's nice to be nice!!
This was a good game,played well and in good spirit-well done to us all!!

Brian asked me to paint some Roman auxiliaries for him recently-this is the finished article-they are plastic,and I found them "fiddly" to say the least-but "en masse" they look ok,another couple of photo's follow........

Roll on Sunday,there will be four of us-Dave is making an appearance,and we will be playing a Marlburian game.

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