Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The Roman Fort-an on-going saga.

As neither Paul or Brian or Dave are available for a game on Thursday,I thought I would "crack" on with my on-going Roman Fort project.
Having decided that a three sided fort has little or restrictive use on the wargames table,the solution seemed to be to make it a four-sided fort,plus I could make some more sections to extend the fort into a wall of sorts,which would cover the width of our table.

The materials I used-I made a template from the existing walls(green card),and marked the black card I bought at WH Smith's.

The top photo shows the card marked from the template,and the bottom photo shows how I measured the timber,to get the right length of wall.

The first wall has been cut from the card,and is "propped" up against the timber to see how it will look-so far I am pleased!!

This shot shows the rest of the sections cut out and ready to be stuck onto the timber.

I opted for Liquid Nails!!-the sections are underneath the boxes of figures being used as weights!!

Left overnight to stick firmly,and "hey presto!!" completed sections-now for the real test-how will they look?

Not too bad!I always knew that the new wall sections would be higher and a different colour to the existing ones,but for wargaming purposes I will accept that!!


A quick paint job later on this week,should see the Fort in action on Sunday!


  1. Fort looks great .I look forward to seeing it in action on sunday.

  2. Great stuff John. Can't wait for the game on Sunday its been too long! might have a couple of things to bring up with me :)

  3. Canny Fort John.Build them walls high and strong because the first chance i get i will storm them!!!!.
    See you Sunday.

  4. Has Daph' mentioned gates again?
    Good work!