Monday, 10 July 2017

55BC-Kent Coast.

Having just re-read my book on Caesar,and his conquest of Britain in 55BC,I thought it would make a good game,featuring on his initial landing on the Kent coast,and what a "Corker" of a game it turned out to be.

Top photo is he scenario,and bottom one is the table before any movement.
Brian and Graham were the Roman commanders and Paul and I were the British.

The Romans are desperately trying to get more cohorts ashore to support the isolated troops that have already landed!

The Roman objective was to establish a beach-head,and then drive the British back beyond the stream-in this shot both Graham and Brian are in trouble,as more and more warbands attack the "stranded" cohorts,forcing them back and preventing the support troops from landing-tense and exciting stuff!

Viewed from the British side of the board,you can see the "logistical problem" the Romans faced-too many troops trying to occupy a small space,and all the while being attacked by ever increasing numbers of British.

Brian is staring defeat in the face!!-his relief cohorts can not get ashore,and Paul's relentless attacks are wearing him down-"Omaha Beach" was mentioned a few times!!-look at the British reinforcements arriving-the Romans stand no chance of winning(can you see where my comments are going???)

Graham has managed to get a "toe-hold" on the beach,and my first wave of warbands,to use a military term,are "knackered!"-this could be the start of a Roman revival!!!

Yes!!-my first lot of warbands have been driven away,and Graham is establishing a good-looking Roman line,and Brian is trying to link up his legion with Graham's,however Paul is putting him under so much pressure,that if he was a bunch of grapes he would be a glass of wine by now!!!!!

This shows Paul's chariots,and warbands doing a splendid job of keeping Brian's legion tied down-but in the background you can see Graham's magnificent line taking shape.

My second wave of warbands,led by my cavalry,are meeting stiff resistance from the now organised 7th legion,who outnumber them-oh hell!!!

In this photo,my flank has collapsed,and my troops have been driven back to the stream,but Paul is still giving Brian's legion a good slapping!!

As Graham's legion presses forward,and crosses the stream,Brian has managed to get all his cohorts ashore,and now Paul is suffering-this looks like the end of British resistance!

One final shot,of Paul's last warbands about to be wiped out!-defeat is not dishonour-we did well,and as they say,the rest is history!!!
This was another great game,played in a fantastic spirit-well done lads,and roll on next Sunday.


  1. Poor Brian looks knackered, is he off his food or something?

    1. Robbie,he's not poor-his army pension sees to that!!-but he is knackered,and we wish he would be off his food for a while,so we can breathe fresh air for a change!!
      He's burning the candle at both ends now-he plays bowls on two days of the week,and wargames with us on Sundays-the man will wear himself out!