Tuesday, 4 July 2017

In praise of Wimbledon-solo opportunity.

I love Wimbledon fortnight!!-it means I can get the wife out of her cage,sit her in front of the TV,with a half ton of strawberries,a couple of gallons of whipped cream,and a crate of Brown Ale,and then go and do what I like best-messing about in the garage(club house!) trying different scenarios/tactics/rules etc.
Here are some of the games I have been messing about with...................................

Sailing ships-good fun,if you can remember not to sail off the edge of the world(table!)

WW2 Dam Buster-type game-really exciting,using very simple rules-both this type of game and the sailing ships are ideal for a participation game-we'll have to think about these for future events!!!

I devised this attack/defence scenario using my British and Irish Marlburian figures-I put myself in charge of the British,defending the Cross Roads and Farm,came up with a plan,and played the game out to a wonderful conclusion-I won!!!!

To celebrate my win,I sat down with a few friends,had a drink and a ploughman's lunch!!

Next,a Barbarians vs Romans game,trying to sort out how we can use "Doubled-up" units of Barbarians,trying to break the Roman line,but giving the Romans a fighting chance against the odds-which is what the Romans were good at!

The method I have worked out seemed to work a treat,and after three games,I am confident that the rest of the lads will see its sense.
But what of other periods,will it work with Hoplites?........................

A thin line of Spartans awaiting the onslaught of Athenians arranged in depth,advancing to break through the line-let's see what happens...............

An attack "en Echelon"  always looks good!

CRASH!!-even fighting at minus 1 from their initial dice,the Spartans still managed to withstand the Athenian attack,but eventually morale  drove them away,and Sparta lived to fight another day!

There they go!!-all seems to work ok,but like everything else in life,I will have to try over and over again to winkle out any anomalies.
I wonder what I'll try tomorrow?-maybe a Mongol siege against a Russian castle(don't mention that castle!!)


  1. Excellent. I'm with you there re Wimbledon. I'm making good progress on my wargaming projects while my partner watches the tennis.

    Those boats look good. What rules are you using?

    1. HI Sun of York,ships are actually pencil sharpeners!!-made of metal,and bought from Durham market about a hundred years ago!-rules are my own rules,based on a points value for different raters,and reduced by a dice throw-once points value is reached,ship is sunk!!-simple but fun.

  2. John,
    You are a veritable wargaming machine. Is there nothing that you dont turn your hand to? I did think you would have carved the ships yourself, you must be getting lazy.

    1. Robbie,they should make Wimbledon into a month's competition!!-I have just come in from the garage,having had a very interesting WW1 dog-fight using my under-used Corgi British and German planes,and have set up a 1719 Jacobite game for tomorrow-come on Andy!!!