Friday, 7 July 2017

Medieval Siege-solo game

Having had a grand week of solo wargaming,I decided that I would attempt a siege last night,using my Normans against a Spanish castle.I wanted to test everything that a siege would involve,ie Catapults,Siege Towers,and "sorties".................................

This is how my table looked before any movement-catapults and towers in position and Spanish cavalry executing a "sortie" from the rearward gate.

As the cavalry formed into line,to the right of the castle,the towers plodded forward the troops also have ladders to assault the walls.

The Spanish cavalry advance across the stream,but the "canny" Normans are biding their time,letting the Spanish come on,and hopefully expose their flank to the waiting Light Infantry,who are guarding the Catapults.Meanwhile,in the castle,the Normans have reached the walls and are beginning their attack!

With blood curdling yells,the Normans charge across the ramps and attack the defending Spanish,only to be held back by some wondrous dice throwing!!-will the Spanish luck hold??

On the right,both sets of cavalry have charged,and a furious melee is taking place-one unit of Spanish cavalry has out-flanked the Norman light infantry-this could be tricky!!

It was!!-the light infantry are fleeing,but the reserve Norman cavalry are facing the threat,and will hold the flank(??)

The Normans are trying their hardest to get into the castle,but it looks as though the Spanish are winning,even though casualties from the catapults,earlier,are telling on the brave defenders,can they hold out?

Well,yes and no!!-one section is holding on but the left hand troops are being forced back-good job there are reserves behind them-a "sortie" has now been launched out of the front gate,aimed at the catapults-thrilling stuff!!

There they go-on the right of the catapults are stationed some heavy infantry,so they could be in a spot of bother!!

The Norman heavy infantry are just about to make "mincemeat" out of the "sortie" party,but,nothing ventured,nothing gained!!(and they did manage to knock out two catapults!)

Meanwhile,back at the castle,the Normans have finally been "ejaculated" and the towers set on fire!! if only the cavalry can do as well,the day will belong to the Spanish....................

They did!!-the Norman cavalry is,everywhere, beaten or fleeing!!-hurrah!!
So the Spanish won,and maintained a hold on their castle!

The Bishop mounts the castle tower and makes a suitable gesture to the Normans!!
This was yet another very enjoyable and taxing game,which took a bit of planning,and thought,but which worked well-and,as I was Norman,I lost this one!!-how can you lose a solo game????


  1. How can you lose a solo game? I've never won one yet!!! I keep blaming the dice you know!!

    1. Hi Dennis,good to hear from you,hope you're well.-good idea to blame the dice,if I'd been born in 1939 I would have been blamed for the second world war!!!
      keep the comments coming,