Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Battle of "Krankie's Croft" 1719.

Lord Farquar,of Westerhope,has marched a Brigade of infantry,a battery of guns and two squadrons of Dragoons into the highlands of Scotland,in an attempt to end the 1719 Jacobite rebellion all by himself!!
After a cosy night spent in Krankie's Croft,he is sitting down to a breakfast of mango and prune porridge,and a freshly caught Haggis (because these creatures are so fast,the only way to catch them is to bait the trap with Whiskey,and while they are sleeping it off,grab them quickly and cook them slowly!) when a rebel army is spotted moving at a fast rate towards his position.

Top photo is the table before any movement,and bottom photo is Lord Farquar eating his porridge and haggis!!

The Scots begin their attack! both the English and Scots guns did considerable damage in the opening shots,so much so that the Dragoons on the left flank could take no more and charged the Scots gun opposite them-fools!!!!

The Scots are pressing home their attack on the Croft,but the Dragoon charge against the gun on the Scot's right,has failed and they have turned tail and fled!

The Dragoons are being hotly chased by a clan-this rash move by the Dragoons has opened up the whole flank,and Farquar had to use his reserve regiment to face the threat!!

Bitter fighting at the Croft wall! and casualties mounting on both sides,but who can prevail?

The English gun battery is being attacked by a clan that had moved over the hills,and wiped it out!!-however the battery is guarded by a squadron of Dragoons,and they charged into the fray,driving the clan back!!!-thus saving the flank-for a while!

A good view of the table,showing the clans in the Croft ,the reserve regiment of English about to be charged,and in the background the Dragoons fighting for their lives!!

The reserve regiment is in all kinds of trouble now,attacked frontally and in the flank-the result was inevitable!!!

One final shot showing the state of the table at he end of the game-English fleeing back to the Border!!
I have enjoyed playing these solo games,although nothing can beat the multi-player games we have on Sundays.
I have a siege planned for tomorrow(medieval).


  1. Lovely looking old school game. Looking forward to the siege.

    1. Cheers Springinsfeld(Mike)-not too many troops to keep track of when playing solo-very satisfying,and(this is the "biggie") I keep winning-perfect!!

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    1. Robbie,Cute??what kind of comment is that about a wargame???-cute!!!!
      Thanks for comment though,