Monday, 17 July 2017

Raid on St. Cuthbert's island 917AD

Last night's game was a variation on a theme,ie a beach landing,like last week,but using Vikings and Saxons.

Top photo is the scenario,bottom two are the table before any movement.In a reversal of last week,Paul and I were the attackers(Vikings) whilst Brian and Graham were the defending Saxons.

As  Paul and I struggled ashore,both Brian and Graham mounted attacks on us!!-On Graham's flank,all went well(for a while!) but Brian's troops "bounced" off Paul's contingent of Vikings,and he was driven back towards the town-hurrah!!

The second wave(no pun intended!) of Vikings wade ashore,and the Saxon resistance looks as if it is about to crumble!!

Graham and I are locked in a mass brawl,but my dice throwing is rather good(for a change) tonight and I am slowly getting the edge on the Saxons.But what of Brian????????

His troops are streaming back to the town,closely followed by Paul's "lusty" Vikings,intent on a bit of pillage and plunder!!

Paul's Vikings are in the town,and the game is won on that flank!!

On Graham's flank,most of his troops have fled,leaving my victorious Vikings to despoil the remains of St. Cuthbert!!
This was probably the shortest game we've had all year,but enjoyable despite that-well done lads.
Roll on next Sunday-a Marlburian game,I think.
I have had a birthday this week,and my wife bought me,as usual, a rather different present,which has turned into a nice little project-I will blog more later on  this week...........!

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