Monday, 24 July 2017

Marlburian battle.

Last night we fought a battle without a name!!-I've had a bit of a hectic week,so just "threw" some figures onto the table added a bit of terrain,and hoped for the best-and it worked a treat!!!-we had the most exciting game we've had for a while,involving good tactics and lots of manoeuvering-wonderful stuff.

This is how the table looked before any moves-I was in charge of the Franco/Bavarians,in the foreground,whilst Brian and Paul commanded the English/Prussians/Austrian/Dutch army!

Off we go!-the marsh would halve movement and disorder any troops trying to cross it,so it was,I suppose, a "no-go" for both sides,but with just a hint of "maybe!"-in the centre my French are advancing onto the central ridge-my Bavarians had orders not to advance against Brian's Dutch until the main French troops had made contact with the Austrians,commanded by Paul in the centre.

Action in the centre!-I have moved my cavalry in a "feint" towards the Prussians,hoping to lure Paul out of position-no chance!!-however I am tying down a sizable force by "demonstrating" against the marsh!!-but now my Bavarians can attack Brian's position-hurrah!!

A quick volley,followed by a charge against the walled enclosure,should discomfort the Dutch,and win the flank!!!!

Well,the quick volley was okay,but the charge just "bounced"-and after a couple of rounds of frantic melee,the brave Bavarians were sent packing!!!-woe is me.

This shows the state of play at about move number 6-I am winning the fire-fight in the centre(although Paul is moving reinforcements to assist the Austrians) but my attack against the Dutch has stalled,and an impasse still exists on my left flank!-send in the cavalry????

My Provincial French infantry gaze across the marsh!!!-nothing to do,unlike the centre,which is now ablaze with action!!!

Paul has moved troops on to my flank,but my French are still holding on,and officers are dropping like flies-where are the cavalry?-someone must make a move soon!!!

We both did!-braving volley and cannister fire,my cavalry charged into Paul's-wonderful stuff!
The ensuing melee was a draw,but Paul's centre was in danger of collapse,Brian's flank was holding on,and the impasse on my left was always going to be there,so we decided,after 13 moves,that draw was a reasonable result!
Great game,played in a great spirit,using correct tactics-what more could you ask for from a wargame??(well a win would have been nice!)
Roll on next Sunday,we will be re-fighting the battle of Mohi 1241-Hungarians against Mongols-I have asked the lads to do a bit of research on the battle,so they know what to expect.


  1. lovely looking game John. Are you and your posse heading to Gateshead in September? I hope to offload some stuff at that show, except this time bring some cash with you.

    1. Robbie,I haven't got a pussy!!-but yes we will be going to Gateshead.
      I will be hoping to sell off some stuff that we don't use too often,and at one time you did show some interest in my plastic knights etc.would offer you a very good price!!