Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Norman Castle Project.

Apart from after-shave,shirts and rum,my wife also bought me this little beauty for my birthday.

I think the primary target for this company must be schools,but as a very cost-effective way to get wargames scenery/terrain they are on the right track,and at £7.99 it's great value.

The instructions- basically it's cut,fold and stick!! and for someone like me with "sausage fingers" it was straight forward and not at all difficult(although one piece did tax my patience a bit!)

The Keep went together easily, this photo shows the keep with two of the four towers in situ,and the other two ready to fold.

These are the tools I used-the craft set contained a small scalpel with a chisel edge,which was ideal for cutting out the battlements(you have an option of cutting them out or leaving them black-and as there are 250 of them,I would think alot of people would choose to leave them black!!)
I changed the glue I used to UHU after a series of "non-sticks" and it worked great.

The completed Keep-the design and printing is superb,now for the walls and battlements.

One section of wall,plus a square tower,and suddenly the castle is coming to life!

This is a "D-Shaped" tower,the only tricky bit was getting the roof folded,but only took minutes.

This shows the tool used to cut out the battlements-the battlements are stuck to the top of the wall,and are really quite effective....................

Wall and battlements,ready to be stuck-note line at top of wall,indicating where to stick the battlements-even a fool like me can follow these type of instructions!

Now for the Gatehouse,which I quickly re-named the "shit-house!" because it was the only bit that got me "rattled"-it was very intricate and required a bit of skill and patience(neither of which I possess in any great quantity!)

Hurrah!! finished and not looking too bad!

The six-sided tower took alot of folding,but was simple to complete-everything is done now,so lets see what the finished article looks like...............................

Fit for a King!! although the castle is 1/72 scale it looks ok with 25mm figures,and I am impressed with the time it took to complete and the size and look of  it-it is worthwhile looking at the Usborne web site-they do some good-looking stuff.

You get a base-board layout with the kit,but I am leaving mine in separate pieces,and will probably mount them onto cardboard or hardboard for rigidity-piled up like this the whole lot looks like it will take up no space at all in the garage(club house)-what next????


  1. It's a beauty, a bit fiddly for my big fingers though. I always get my wife to make card buildings for me, she enjoys it actually.

    1. Hi Paul,wive's are great aren't they?
      The thing was a bit "fiddly" but worth it in the end.I've used "foam board" to mount the separate pieces,and will flock them tonight.

  2. Very nice - I've never seen one of these fully built, so thanks for posting.

    1. Cheers Caliban,hope you are fit and well,I've mounted the pieces onto foam board today,and will flock them tonight
      take care,

  3. Looks really good. I have a similar Saxon village unmade.....might have to get cracking.

    1. Hi Mike-just go for it!!-I got a lot of satisfaction when the kit was finished-it is now based on a piece of hardboard,and looks the part-probably appear in every game we have now regardless of period!!!