Tuesday, 27 March 2012

American Civil War Battle.25.3.2012.

Here are a selection of photo's taken on Sunday.I will caption them only,Dave is going to do a full report on the battle.
This shows the Union right flank,firing on the Texas Brigade (and killing most of their officers in the process!) The brave New Yorkers getting pushed out the advanced position in the central woods.

The Breastworks are shown below,the scene of a prolonged and bloody battle.

The Union left flank with a massive attack being launched by the Confederates.

The Confederate left flank being hard pressed by the Union troops.

The defence of the central position by Union troops,Confederate commanders looking very casual!!

The breastworks have been cleared in grand style,however it looks like they are scared of the lone Union officer !!

The Confederate left flank in some confusion.Union troops trying an outflanking move.

The Confederate right flank putting up a good fight.

A melee in the centre of the line,the Iron Brigade are being pushed back after a melee.

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