Friday, 9 March 2012

What's he up to now ?

Wooden discs,dowelling,cardboard squares,PVA glue and a Stanley knife,what on earth can be going on ?A tiny WW11 Japeneses Zero fighter,still no clue ?

All becomes clear,stick dowelling to plane,drill hole into wooden disc and stick dowelling into the disc;Next project looks like being ww11 aerial combat!

Zero completely based,can I find any other types of planes ?You bet!

Zeros and Spitfires based,look like they've just attacked my cup of coffee!

Goodness me they've been joined by Mustangs,Corsairs and P40's.

This shows the size of these tiny planes,bought about 10 years ago in a supermarket,in packs of,I think, 5 assorted planes.These are made by an American company called "Tootsie Toys",Very interesting history if you "google" them.

This shot shows the planes getting their bases painted and flocked,and almost finished.

The finished articles.I have twenty planes in total,and no doubt they will feature quite heavily in the next few weeks games.I can't wait to use such phrases as "chocks away","tally ho chaps" "bandits at one o'clock" and of course the all round favourite,"get your hand of my joystick!!"

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