Monday, 19 March 2012

Ancient battle Sunday 18.3.2012.

On Sunday we had an ancients game,Pyrrhus of Epirus against Sparta,the scenario was that Pyrrhus was trying to expand his empire by attacking Sparta;The scenario was given to all players in the format below,however you need to be a contortionist to read it!! I'll never get the hang of this technology business!!. This is Pyrrhus' main battle line consisting of phalanx troops and Elephants,fronted by bowmen,their task was to get through the "Electra Gates" by forcing the main Spartan line to give way.

This photo shows the Allies of Pyrrhus and consisted of light inf. peltasts,light and heavy cav. and some slingers.Their task was to beat the enemy in front of them and stop them from interfering with the Phalanx.

This is the SPartan main line made up of hoplites with some supporting archers,they were in a very good defensive position and were classed as elite troops,a hard nut to crack!

This is the Spartan allied troops made up of the same as the Pyrrhus' allies.

This is Pyrrhus with his "friends" (no doubt with benefits!!)

The Spartan king Areus,looking every inch the tough fighter and classical leader of men,with his friend (with benefits??)

The battle started with usual skirmishing between archers and slingers, and an advance with the elephants.The elephants managed to contact the Spartan hoplites and at first inflicted some serious damage (which would tell later on in the game) however Spartans being Spartans they eventually killed all of the elephants,as you can see from the photo!

The allies from both sides were not being idle either and locked horns all along the line,neither side gaining any significant advantage
at first.Pyrrhus had obviously traine d his light troops alittle bit better than the Spartans as eventually they did gain an advantage and started to push them back,however the Spartan allied heavy cav.pounced on their opposite numbers and inflicted heavy losses.

After some vicious fighting the phalanx managed to push the Spartans back and with their ranks in disarray,their morale eventually broke and the game was over,the above photo shows the final positions of the main lines.

The shot below shows the final positions of the Allied forces,with the Spartan allies in retreat.It must be emphasised that this was no push over by Pyrrhus' forces,both sides fought well and ,I hope, both sides enjoyed the game.

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