Friday, 23 March 2012

Taster for Sunday 25th. March 2013.(9 months until Xmas)

Here are a few photos to whet your appetite for Sunday.Dave has brought along his American Civil War figures to stage the battle of Seven Pines or Fair Oaks,1862. This is the Salvation Army signalling for more coffee and biscuits!-Watchtower,gettitt!!!

Breastworks to be defended in the centre of the Union lines.

Shot showing the Confederate right flank,below.

This shows the converging Union and "rebel" troops,heading towards the station.

This is the central position,station and woods,and breastworks,by shere coincidence the Confederate troops have been placed underneath the Confederate flag on the wall!!.

You can see the Union troops moving in from the left flank to counter the "rebel" attack through the woods and in the centre.

Hopefully this will be a tremendous game,and Dave has promised to write a full game report,I will look forward to that,roll on Sunday.


  1. I've just taken delivery of that very signal tower! :o)

  2. Steve it is a bit of a tradition that we try to have it on in every game :). It is many years since I bought it but it is a lovely piece!

  3. Hey ............. looking forward to this gasme, we've been starved of action from this period for so long and really glad Dave has been so courageous to brave the heights and spiders awaiting him in the attic!!! Bring it on for Sunday .....

    1. Really folks ........ its gonna happen this weekend not next year!

      couldn't wait that long