Monday, 5 March 2012

Napoleonic game 4.3.2012.

Four of us turned up for this Napoleonic game with a difference,I decided that, for a change we would have a Russian army fight against amixed force of Austrians,Prussians, and Westphalians,quite a mixture but it worked out fine.
Robin and Paul were to command the Russians whilst Dave and John were to command the "Allies".The objectives were set, and the "Allies" were given the task of crossing the river and outflanking the Russians,and capturing a hill dominated by a Russian church.The Russians had to deny both objectives to the "Allies". This first photo shows most of the Allied dispositions with the Austrian facing the Russian Guard brigade across a formidable river.The Prussians and Westphalians can be seen already moving on to Church Hill.

Heavy cavalry masking the infantry who are moving to form a centre and left flank.

Another shot of Dave's troops moving with all speed to position themselves before the dreaded Russian columns hit them.

Russian troops advancing towards their central position,heavy cavalry just out of shot to bottom of photo.

Another shot of Dave's troops crossing the river and heading towards their final positions

This shows Paul's infantry and cavalry moving towards Church Hill and towards a tremendous clash with the Prussians,who were initially pushed bak but were saved by a judicious outflanking move by Dave,followed by a devastating volley at close range,which "dispersed" two columns.In the centre a furious cavalry battle ensued resulting in mixed fortunes for both sides.

This photo shows the brave Austrians crossing the river in the face of muskets,cannister fire and the threat of cavalry charging down on them.

Robin handled his troops well and with a little advice from Paul he managed to break my first attack.
After regrouping my troops and bringing my artillery into play,i managed to get across the river an start to outflank the Russians.In the centrte and left the "Allies" were starting to get the upper hand and we decided that the Russians could no longer stop us from achieving our objectives,and were therefore declared the winners.Yet another good game,roll on Thusday!!!


  1. Thanks Rodger,all comments are really apprecoiated,keep reading the blog and pass on to anyone who may be interested.