Friday, 30 March 2012

Roman Baggage Train.29.3.2012.

Paul and I played this small and simple game on thursday night,the objective was for a Roman Legion ,escorting a baggage train,to get across a river defended by some Gauls.
We both had 8 units of inf. and 1 unit of cavalry each,the table layout was as shown in the photo below,with the Gauls defending hill "C" and just debouching from the woods at point "D".Hill "A" was climable but hill "B" was totally impassable to all troops. This shows my Roman lines just forming after changing from column of march,it was "nip and tuck" as to getting in position before the screaming Gauls were upon them!

This shot shows Paul's magnificent and terrifying charge down the hill,my pila volley failed to cause any real damage and I was in for a bit of a pounding.

Roman lines awaiting impact,baggage train trying to get out of the way.

"IMPACT".My reserve line is hurrying forward as the Gauls pour more and more warbands into the fray.

This shows the cavalry battle for hill "A",we both had the same idea of capturing this hill and threatening each others flank,this was quite a tussle which the Gauls eventually won and drove my cav. off the board.

Another shot of the Gauls trying to break the Roman lines,they nearly did, but thanks to some very lucky dice throws my line held and the Gauls,suffering heavy casualties were begining to "waver".Eventually most of the warband decided that they didn't really want what was in the baggage train and departed for home.

This was a good well fought and evenly balanced game,we will probably be using this same terrain for future games using different armies.


  1. Dearest John - I love this!
    Your passion is very clear, and the epic battles........................ WOW. I admire your blogging skills, and very pleased you got the google working on the side of good! Keep up the good work, and I'll keep my eyes peeled on your blog. I just got your letter last night - our notes must have crossed paths. Enjoy Easter!



    1. cheers my antipidean friend,glad you could see our blog,lovely comments,keep in touch.