Monday, 19 March 2012

Prince August Roman Army.

When Prince August decided to put out a range of Roman and Ancient Britons moulds,I bought most of the Roman moulds and a couple of the "handier" Britons moulds,with a view to replacing my existing collection.My aim was to make and paint two legions and opposing "Barbarians",with the large size of these figures I had quite a job finding compatable cavalry figs,but with a bit of "digging" around and a few conversions I managed to compleste my project. The above photo shows my two legions in line,Legio Pheonix in red and Legio Nova in blue.Each legion consists of nine cohorts of 18 figs each and one of 24 figs (number one or Primus cohort)

This is obviously a shot from the other end of the table,highlighting Legio Nova.

This shows what a formidable line the legion makes !

The above shot is of Legio Pheonix,each cohort has a cohort standard,and the first cohort has a standard and an eagle.

This shows Legio Pheonix with a cavalry attachment,Warrior conversions and Lancashire games Roman cav.

This photo is taken from the rear of the legion,showing the length of the line.

This shot has captured my general figure whom I have graciously called Giovannicus.

This is the right flank of the legion showing cohorts one and ten.

This is the right flank,you can just see some converted archer figs to the left of the front rank cav.unit

The above photo gives a good indication of the length of the line,and the action poses of the figures.

The moulds are very good with quite alot of detail,some arms and shields etc. are cast seperately,and I found painting them ,in my style,quite rewarding.

I hope to take some photographs tomorrow of my Barbarians,and we will be presenting them at Border Reiver show later on in the year.


  1. Look forward to seeing them at Border Reiver. Are you putting on a particular battle?

    1. Hi scotty,thanks for your comments,we are not fighting an historical battle,more of a showcase for our rules and way of wargaming,however we can promise it will be exciting and colourful!
      Keep reading our blog and tell any interested wargamers about us,please come over and introduce yourself to us at Border Reiver.