Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Prince August Barbarians.

To "showcase" my Prince August Barbarians,I thought I might try something different to just taking pictures and making comments,so I've put them into a wargames/battle situation to try and show the various poses,weapons and shields.
The photo below shows a close up of a typical warband of 18 figures,(I have 20 such warbands,plus 12 chariots and 60 cavalry) all of the shield designs are different,and this posed a problem after painting so many !! This shows a part of the army advancing to meet my roman legion.The figures are easy to cast and with a bit of imagination you can "chop and change" arms ,weapons etc. to create quite a few different looking styles and poses.

The next shot,below shows the warbands advancing onto what can only be called "the thin red line",you can see the cavalry have already got "stuck in" on the far flank.I found that Lancashire Games figs. are ideal for the cavalry because of their size.(and very easy to paint too!)

Pila have been hurled and the two lines clash,is that number two cohort being held?

Yes number two cohort looks in trouble,the rest of the Roman line has survived the initial Barbarian charge.

Number two cohort is "broken" and the warbands are flooding into the gap.

A close up of number two cohort being split by the Barbarians,this places the other cohorts in danger of being outflanked and attacked in the rear.

Another shot of the whole line,no other cohort is breaking,I suspect the Roman commander will have to commit his second line of cohorts.

This shows the cavalry battle on the Roman right flank,the Roman cav.are pushing the Barbarian cav. back, and will,hopefully,beat them and launch an attack against the rear of the Barbarian infantry warbands.

Alot of hard work and painting has gone into creating these two armies,a great deal of satisfaction can be gained from "creating" your own figures from a mould,why not try it? You can "google" Prince August and follow the links to their range of products.

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